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Mr. Robot has been taking the world by storm, and Season 2 is in full swing as we enter the last few episodes for the year. By now we've become intimately familiar with Elliot and his best friend Angela. We've also grown familiar with their hacker group fsociety and even the hacker group Dark Army.

Writer-director Sam Esmail isn't just targeting the life of a family that has been troubled, but also those around them. It's a show that targets real-world issues like digital privacy concerns to even the push for a one-world-currency with digital bitcoin. Similarly, Watch_Dogs 2 is pioneering hacking and darknet groups like DedSec in the game world.

But the question is: How could both Mr. Robot and Watch_Dogs possibly exist in the same universe? It's possible and Ubisoft would be smart to make it happen with the newly announced Watch_Dogs movie.

Courtesy of USA Network
Courtesy of USA Network

The Groups and Events of Mr. Robot And Watch_Dogs Could Easily Co-Exist

However, there's one thing that both of these franchises have in common: hackers. They both take the spins on hackers that are trying to right the wrongs in the worlds around them. For DeadSec, we know their job was to stop the scandals going on after Aiden's niece was wrongfully killed as a hit was placed on him as a scandal he was possibly tied to was exposed.

This lead to the onset of events that had Aiden working with DedSec among the many people he would work with to right the wrongs done to his family. It could open the door for fsociety and Dedsec to work together to stop the unraveling of locations in both the game and the show. In many ways, Aiden, is our Elliot in Watch_Dogs and Clara is our Darlene for the series. After all, when it comes down to it all, she's the mastermind behind helping Aiden's through his ordeals.

Much like the events in Watch_Dogs, Mr. Robot follows a similar path. Elliot is a cyber security specialist for the firm he works at called Allsafe who manages to oversee the security of E Corps servers and data. Unfortunately for Elliot, it's a server that was hacked by the group fsociety who left a file for him to see in the midst of this hack.

It would be too inaccurate to not say that these two franchises could be one-in-the-same. Even fans of both have noticed the intertwining possibilities of this happening or one being inspired by the other to make a reality out of the game.

Aiden is wearing a worn out ball cap just like Christian Slater? Similarities do exist! | Photo Courtesy: Ubisoft
Aiden is wearing a worn out ball cap just like Christian Slater? Similarities do exist! | Photo Courtesy: Ubisoft

Could Aiden, Clara, Elliot and Angela Exist in the Same World?

The most compelling thing that could link the two franchises together were Ubisoft and the USA Network tempted to do so, the links are all in what is happening, and could easily bring an organization such as Dedsec into the picture. Those of you who watch the show already know who I'm talking about the moment I mention the Dark Army. Much like Dedsec, the Dark Army hangs in the shadows, they hide as much as any group does. They don't often into public events, but they target people who deserve their wrath.

Much like Dedsec, they tend to disappear back into the shadows from whence they came. Both Dedsec and the Dark Army are shadowy and careful organizations. It's the occasional break from mystery that brings in drama, like the moment Clara made herself open to Aiden breaking away from her hacker identity "BadBoy17", much as the leader from Dark Amy exposed himself midway through Season 1.

However, that was the one and only time anyone would hear from the leader for the time being. What if Dedsec from Watch_Dogs and the Dark Army from Mr. Robot were indeed working together? Magic could happen for Ubisoft and USA Network.

Clara Lillie of Dedsec from Watch_Dogs by Ubisoft
Clara Lillie of Dedsec from Watch_Dogs by Ubisoft

Through their trials and tribulations, it would be possible for Elliot, Aiden, Clara, and even Angela to run into each other during one of Elliot's organized hacking schemes to bring down E Corp or as he sees them: Evil Corp. Here the characters could meet up trying to bring down an entity much bigger than themselves that could link both the ctOS System and Evil Corps reach together.

This turn of events would offer an interesting premise if they intertwined since both are focused on controlling crime, bringing down criminals, and knowing everything they can about those in their cities. Let alone the personal attachments that each character has in their franchise. Of course, Watch_Dogs has quite a bit to improve on and prove itself with Watch_Dogs 2 when it launches.

The only question left must be asked: Will Ubisoft team up with the USA Network to make this wonderful match made by gaming to television acting become a reality? I know I sure as heck want them to.

Can you spot any clues as to how these two franchises might exist in the same universe?


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