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To quote Zero Punctuation, "Watch_Dogs is getting a sequel based on the premise that sh&! is a good fertilizer" and although I have to agree and say I was not a huge fan of the original Watch_Dogs, it looks like Ubisoft are trying again and have taken to the fans for ideas — which is always a positive. From map size to hacking abilities and even to the protagonist, Ubisoft have refreshed and are back with a new action-adventure open-world experience. So, here are a few new ideas and changes appearing in the game and why it will be way better than its predecessor.

The Map and Multiplayer

The game is now set in the Californian city of San Francisco. Whether it's going to be street-for-street accurate, much like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City, is yet to be known, however we can still easily observe its famous landmarks. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Coit Tower, it's easy to see that there's a hell of a lot of detail and a hell of a lot of time that's been put into improving the open-world experience.

Furthermore, the map allows for more daring multiplayer challenges, with no loading times between meeting players. These include Bounty Hunts, where a bounty can be set on you at any point and three other players must find ways to take you down for a reward. There is also a, what I like to call, "Hack-Off", but less so in the gruesome sense. The aim is to steal information from other players around the area in a stealthy manor. These simple yet somehow diverse mechanics allow for endless player interaction and for friends to be made throughout time playing.

Parkour and Vehicles


In the original Watch_Dogs, the traversal of the world felt tacky and slow, with vehicles being unnecessary and the driving feeling a bit unfinished and sloppy. However, this time, the movement around the new world looks to have been massively improved. The cars look like they have more weight and look a lot more attractive, with actual use. Moreover, there's a new, more exciting way of getting around: free-running.

Free-running is not a new concept at all, but has always seemed to be limited to just a few moves. But now, with numerous moves such as kongs, vaults, flips and more, this new and improved mechanic will make traversal of the open-world more enjoyable. Traversal in a sandbox game is difficult since it usually revolves around the player stealing cars and other vehicles to get around. But now, similar to Just Cause 3 with the wingsuit, Watch_Dogs 2 has used a way of movement that is unique and intriguing for characters; it breaks the simple car stealing cycle and steps out of the comfort zone.

Gadgets and Hacking


Before, Watch_Dogs revolved entirely around Aiden Pearce's phone and its ability to hack anything from traffic lights to cash machines. But now, Marcus Holloway, the new protagonist, has some new ideas to aid him. These include the so-called "Jumper" and the "Quadcopter," each with their own unique abilities. They can be adapted for any mission and used in any way the player desires, allowing more freedom in the game.

Firstly, the Quadcopter is Marcus' scouting gadget; a way to watch an area from the skies. It can target enemies and fly to impressive heights to give him an aerial advantage. However, on the ground, he has the Jumper; a small and undetectable ground vehicle device with built-in hacking capabilities. Along with Marcus' individual hacking skills, him and his two gadgets will be able to complete any task at hand with stealth. And speaking of stealth...



With the new gadgets Marcus has acquired, Watch-Dogs 2 looks to be not just an open-world action-adventure game, but also a stealth game. Although the previous game had aspects of this genre, it wasn't integral to the gameplay, but stealth looks to be an important and creative addition to the game. This would allow for more interesting side missions and story missions, creating tense moments leaving you on the edge of your seat.

This won't only affect the missions in Watch_Dogs 2, but will also change the atmosphere in the open-world as well. Hiding from enemies, the police and other players will become more suspenseful and tense and will, in general, make the game even more fun with friends.

Although this is still not confirmed, the trailers show clear evidence of these mechanics and all these mixed together look to make a great game. Watch_Dogs 2 is out on PS4, Xbox One and Windows on November 15th 2016.

Are you excited for Watch_Dogs 2?


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