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Watch Dogs 2 just released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and we've already dived right in to get you the best skills and abilities, as well as how to make money quickly or customize your game through hacking. But what about the smaller aspects of gameplay? Rumors are abound about little tricks you may be able to do in this immense open world. Some follow real world physics and some, well, don't. Watch the video or follow along to see whether these popular myths hold up.

Jumping Into Water Prevents Fall Damage

In many games, jumping into water seems to be a catch-all for emergency escapes, no matter the distance. In Watch Dogs 2, despite its attempt to mirror the real world (as well as can be in a game), this still holds true. Now, jumping into water in real life will definitely hurt less than jumping onto concrete...usually.

However, jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge is a feat not normally recommended for keeping your body intact. Marcus does just that though, emerging safe and sound from the water and defying the normal laws of physics. If there's a body of water nearby, you can rest assured that this myth proves true and you can take a quick jump for faster travel.

The Jumper Can Jump Off Marcus

In another physics-defying feat, thought not nearly as outlandish as surviving a fall off the towering Golden Gate Bridge, Marcus is able to use himself as a trajectory for the jumper, providing heights unseen and excellent adventures. The jumper is able to bounce onto Marcus and then use the momentum and height to bounce further into the air and onto the top of a building.

This is not entirely strange as far as game mechanics go, though the angle at which it hits his head (with only one wheel, no less) could not be very comfortable. Another myth confirmed for the books. Marcus is now your own little stepping stool, just position him under an awning and the heights are only limited by your imagination.

The Jumper Can Jump Off The Quadcopter

Not to be outdone by merely bouncing off of Marcus' head, the jumper also soars to new heights with the quadcopter. Flying objects of that sort are notoriously flimsy in our own real world, and it's moderately surprising to be able to use it as a stable jump board.

Beware though, the extra momentum from those heights won't end well for the jumper. Perhaps jumping into water might save it (or perhaps not, given electricity and water aren't exactly friends), but some heights will still spell certain doom for our jumper friend. The myth is confirmed, just be careful when making your way back down.

Poor Donut Guy just wanted a hug.
Poor Donut Guy just wanted a hug.

You Can Still Get Credit For ScoutX Landmarks Even If You Kill The Performer

Here we encounter our first discrepancy between popular myth and gameplay. The hypothesis going around was that killing a ScoutX performer would impede your landmark progress. Contrary to popular opinion, this turned out to be false. Unfortunately for the poor ScoutX performer, your landmark progress isn't affected by their state of existence. Taking a selfie with their prone body will still give you credit for the landmark, as Marcus does with the Donut Guy. Myth busted.

You Can Stack Scissor Lifts

Here's where physics gets real...or perhaps not. It seems plausible enough. Through some creative driving and engineering, you can stack scissor lifts atop one another. How many, who knows? The bottom lift will drive around, regardless of the precarious position of higher lifts, but only the top lift will actually go up. So no, you can't have a never-ending stair of scissor lifts leading into the heavens. But you can have a height boost just by way of the lifts themselves, with the top one actually taking you into the air. Myth confirmed, with a few reasonable caveats.

Stayed tuned to DefendTheHouse's channel to see more Watch Dog 2 myths. Watch Dogs 2 only just released last week on consoles, meaning there are many myths to come as players explore further into the game. Meanwhile the PC version is still waiting, due to release at the end of the month on November 29. The multiplayer feature of the game was taken out right before it launched due to game lag and crashing for many players and hopefully it will makeup a comeback before the PC version releases.

If you haven't yet picked it up or pre-ordered, there are multiple editions available: everything from Standard, Deluxe, Gold, and Collector's. Aren't sure what you want? Check out our handy pre-order guide.

For those of you already deep in the game, we have all sorts of additional Watch Dog 2 tips and guides covered:

What's your favorite trick in Watch Dogs 2?


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