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Going into Watch Dogs 2, I was most looking forward to the completely life like San Francisco (and it's there) or secondarily the fact that you can hack basically anything (and you can). But I've actually discovered that the best thing about Watch Dogs 2 so far is the incredibly sharp and witty writing throughout the game.

The side quests, random NPC dialog, text messages, and phone calls are absolutely hilarious all around. The game left a great first impression after I finished going through tutorials and opening cutscenes, and I saw what the first side quest was about. I just had to crack a smile.

Enter the side mission A High Price To Pay.

Stealing The Album

A rap artist named "Bobo Dakes" is working on a new album in the San Francisco Bay Area. The "most hated man in America" or "the shit sack on TV laughing about how he's raising the price of Leukemia medicine" Gene Carcani wants to buy Dakes's album so he can keep it all to himself.

Sound familiar?

This is very similar to when real life Pharmabro Martin Shkreli bought Wu Tang Clan's album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin in 2015 for a reported $2 million. But of course Wu Tang Clan is a group, and Bobo Dakes is just one guy, so... who is he a parody of? Keep reading...

Stealing Bobo Dakes's album from his pool party in San Fran
Stealing Bobo Dakes's album from his pool party in San Fran

Pranking The Pharmabro

You show up to Bobo's pool party, hack his album, and make an improvised soundboard to contact Carcani and trick him into thinking you and your DedSec posse are actually Bobo Dakes.

Eventually the gang manipulates Carcani into ironically donating $20 million to Leukemia research before dropping a line that had me laughing in my chair.

Revealing the troll to the Pharmabro
Revealing the troll to the Pharmabro

I had a feeling that this is where this was all going, but this line confirmed it. This is a subtle and yet obvious jab at Kanye West, who has on more than one occasion claimed to be a literal God. The most similar quote I can remember is "I believe there's a God above me. I'm just the God of everything else."

"I've got shareholders, bitches!" is probably something only this guy would say
"I've got shareholders, bitches!" is probably something only this guy would say

The whole thing is brilliantly written from start to finish. However, real life Marin Shkreli was less than pleased, and streamed himself watching the action go down. His face at the end is priceless.

Of course, this isn't the first time Shkreli has been publicly upset about something and maybe not had the best reaction. Who can forget his famous challenge to moviestar and literal Captain America Chris Evans.

Sorry Martin, as far as parodies go, this one is top notch.

There are plenty more instances of hot takes throughout the game, such as another mission when they punk the digital equivalent of the Church of Scientology.

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