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It's that time of the year again, my friends. E3 is close at hand and all of the world's biggest video game publishers are lining up their announcements. In typical Ubisoft style, Watch Dogs 2 has just received an announcement trailer for the announcement. Welcome to the future! Let's check it out, shall we?

Watch Dogs 2 - Hello World

Well that's a very cryptic trailer...

The full announcement for Watch Dogs 2 is due to take place in about 30 hours from the time of this publication, 9AM PT specifically. You can watch the reveal live from Ubisoft's website. However, some have already revealed what the sequel to 2014's banal open world adventure will entail.

This banner ad accidentally went live two days before the announcement was due to take place and Eurogamer managed to grab a screenshot. It gives away the lead character — who Kotaku claim is "a black hacker named Marcus" — and the release date for Watch Dogs 2 which is slated for 15 November, 2016. It'll be arriving on XBOX One, PS4 and PC.

We also learned, thanks to the image behind Marcus (who we desperately hope is more entertaining than Aiden Pearce, a character who seemed to have all personality sandblasted off), the game is set in the city by the bay. We're actually excited to see how Ubisoft will bring the city of San Francisco to life and whether they can pull off yet another Assassin's Creed 2 and improve on everything the original Watch Dogs offered.

What Do You Want From Watch Dogs 2?

Now that Ubisoft has confirmed what we all knew was coming, what are you hoping this sequel will bring? Here's just a brief insight into what we believe would make a far superior product out of a really interesting IP.

More Hacking, Please

I never felt like I was in total control of everything in Watch Dogs. Before picking up the game I was under the impression that I'd be overwhelmed by the hacking possibilities and that the title would present so many options that my tiny mind simply couldn't handle. But all we actually got was a handful of abilities that were all activated in the same way.

In Watch Dogs you simply looked at an object that you could interact with and pushed the on-screen button prompt. Then a gas line would blow up or the traffic lights would change color. Therefore, we'd love to see more hacking possibilities along with a more rewarding and challenging control system to make us feel like absolute badasses as we cruise around the streets of San Francisco.

Driving Lessons

I think we're all a little spoiled by the GTA V's of the world in terms of driving in open world games. Watch Dogs' handling felt so unintuitive at times. Of course, Ubisoft want to create big open worlds and we need to get around at relative speed, so if cars are here to stay the handling of these vehicles needs serious improvement. It felt like trying to control a horse-drawn buggy at times.

More of That Dark Souls

Watch Dogs attempted to mix things up a bit in terms of open world design. One aspect of the game seemed to borrow from FromSoftware's Dark Souls franchise. Do you remember the multiplayer in Watch Dogs? Ubisoft threw in this whole player-invades-my-game thing that I actually really liked. It introduced a kind of exhilarating stealth element that the campaign lacked and we'd love to see this expanded on. Why not let players hack our game in some way and make things more challenging for us? It doesn't need to be on par with the difficulty level of Dark Souls, but this multiplayer idea can really mature into something great!

Let us know what you want in the comments!


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