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No spoilers, but somewhere in 's dizzying digital recreation of San Francisco stands a Ubisoft building that you can eventually hack a little bit later into the game. What this hack brings is a supposed teaser for a very colorful-looking, space-bound game that is supposedly in the works at Ubisoft IRL. And... it looks kinda familiar...

And with this being the internet, the supposed new game has leaked before WD2 has even released. So... fancy a look?

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No Dog's Sky

A liberal mix between and , the trailer shows an array of different spacecraft floating through space past planets with a similar color palette as the much-maligned No Man's Sky. All of this to a country-like theme that instantly brings 's rustic, wild west score to mind. Which is never a bad thing.

But could this be a tease for a new indie IP that Ubi are working on? If so it would be a pretty awesome way of hinting at a new title, don't you think? I'm not alone either. NeoGAF user FlammableAce, who also happened across the trailer, reckons it could be classy move by the French gaming giants.

Some context

This wasn't a main story mission, It was a (hidden?) side mission that opened up after I stumbled upon a guy on the phone who happened to be a Ubisoft employee talking about Assassins Creed Syndicate, Unity and "Osiris" leaks.

This is why I think this is a real game, why mention other real games only to then show a fake game made just for Watch Dogs?

This is a tentpole release after all, so why not use it as a mouthpiece for other titles?

Far Cry: From Home

Alternatively, this could all be a tongue-in-cheek, satirical jab at how easily information leaks to the media today. As mentioned in the quote above, in the side-mission where the leak was purported to have sprung from, a Ubi dev is overheard complaining about the leaks of three Assassin's Creed titles. being the most interesting name to be cavorted.

Rumored to be on the cards back at the beginning of the year, Osiris is slated to be getting itself a 2017 release, which is on par with the year long break the franchise so desperately needed. So in all fairness, this could simply be a reveal for Assassin's Creed Osiris, rather than a whole new space-faring simulator. That trailer could literally be a red herring. Or maybe the new Assassin's Creed will have us attempt to kill space with nifty-daggers-up-sleeves?

Or we could be getting both a space sim and a new Ass Creed, which would be rad AF...

What do you think? Tease or not-so-tease? That is the question.


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