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Ok guys, just what in the hells is going on with people using video games to smuggle freaky shit? Fresh off the back of kids finding stashes of meth inside used copies of GTA V comes the news of a seriously disturbing discovery made by Mexican police, who recently confiscated a shipment of bootleg video games only to find that they were FULL OF SPIDERS.

Mexico's Federal Police intercepted the shipment of what appeared to be knockoff Nintendo Famicom at Guadalajara Airport. Old school, I know, but still worth something to retro-game collectors. No doubt they were expecting to find something humdrum like drugs or weapons. Instead the cops came face to 8-eyed face with mankind's mortal enemy.

Tarantulas In Transit

Now, these weren't loose spiders who had decided to colonize the dark recesses of the Nintendo cartridges by their own accord. Inside ten cartridges of classic titles like Jurassic Park and Robocop 2 there were 73 small vials secreted inside the hollow top section of each plastic case, every one containing a live spider. That's 584 hairy, wriggly legs that were ready to crawl into the the USA.

You can see the uncovering of the contraband arachnids in the vid below:

Obviously, people are asking why somebody would even do this terrible thing. After all, what happened to smuggling meth like a normal person?

As it turns out, spiders can be kind of a hot commodity and smuggling them across borders is more common than you might think. Tarantulas are a popular exotic pet, prized by collectors and breeders, but it's often very difficult to import them thanks to protections imposed by killjoys like the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), as well as various public health and environmental laws that vary from country to country.

No one wants invasive species crashing a fragile ecosystem and multiplying uncontrollably — I'd say that goes double for giant spiders. I mean, is your neighborhood even equipped with enough flamethrowers to handle an outbreak event like this?

These baby tarantulas were headed to Hanover, Maryland. So if you live there, I'd keep an eye out on your neighbors, particularly any exhibiting strong supervillian-y behavior.

This is what you're asking for, basically:

Spider smugglers are more than willing to step in and cut through that pesky red tape that stands between arachnophiles and their pretties.

Mexico is a particularly popular source for the black market tarantulas because of the multiple species native to the country and the relative ease of moving the spiders across the U.S.-Mexico border.

I think Americans of all political persuasions can agree that the USA doesn't need more venomous arachnid illegal immigrants (though some, I assume, are good spiders).

We don't know what will happen to the 73 confiscated tarantulas, but clearly the next meeting of the Maryland retro gaming club/spider worship cult is going to be a real downer.

Ever found something unexpected in a video game? Let us know in the comments!

(Source: Cronica)


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