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Some time ago, I created a list about the longest video games ever made — games that are so long you'll feel like you'll never see their end. The third installment in series, Morrowind, came in at number eight on that list. The game will, on average, see you playing 50 hours of a main campaign, while it'll take players more than 300 hours to complete the whole thing, side quests and all.

Unless you're a superhuman speedrunner, that is.

Morrowind In 50 Hours? How About Three Minutes

Imagine my astonishment when I came upon this YouTube video, showing off speedrunner FatalisSRL completing The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind in around three minutes. Not five, four or even just a single hour. No, he gets through the whole damn thing in a mere 194 seconds to be exact, excluding loading times.

This translates into roughly 0.11% of the 50 hours an average player uses to complete the grand epic . That's some min-maxing if I ever saw some. It's also still the quickest playthrough of Morrowind ever recorded, even though the record was set almost three years ago.

But... But... BUT How?!

[Credit: Bethesda]
[Credit: Bethesda]

There are a bunch of mechanics that allow FatalisSRL to complete Morrowind this quickly. Firstly, he probably knows everything there is to know about the game, as you'll notice watching the above video. He picks the fastest race (Redguard), the fastest Birthsign (The Steed) and proceeds to travel in a very calculated pattern to objectives in Vvardenfell, looting and buying specific items and potions along the way. He also runs sideways 'cause it's faster?

The dead guy in the picture above is one of the keys to the speedrun, as he drops the Scroll of Icarian Flight, which allows FatalisSRL to leap great distances. With that, and some clever usage of glitchy game mechanics, the man can fly so fast and so high that he rockets through the sky (and walls) at blistering speed, killing enemies in single hits along the way.

Speedrunning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Speedrunning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yes, apparently you can one-shot any NPC in Morrowind if you change out your weapon with a lockpick when you're mid-swing. This makes the end boss a breeze, as he kinda dies before he's finished telling you what a fool you are for challenging him.

There's a ton of almost unbelievable speedruns to be found online, and some of them really ruin the memories you had about certain games as a child. But this race through Morrowind takes the prize as the most ridiculous one in my book. Can't believe I spent hundreds of hours in Vvardenfell as a teenager, when I could've completed the whole thing in couple of minutes.

What is the craziest speedrun you've ever seen?


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