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As a sandbox battle arena, really weird stuff tends to happen in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The game simply fosters creativity when it comes to killing enemy players, protecting yourself and winning the enormous, free-for-all deathmatches.

A lot of these strange plays tend to be kind of hilarious which is probably the reason why has become one of the most popular games on Twitch and YouTube in what seems like no time at all!

The Most Hilarious Plays in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'

[Credit: Bluehole Studios]
[Credit: Bluehole Studios]

There's an open approach to creativity in Battlegrounds that proves that players, when left to their own devices, have a way of taking things further than the developers themselves ever imagined.

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Below we've compiled a list of the funniest and most creative plays we've seen in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds so far.

1. Win The Match By Hiding In A Flipped Car

There are many ways to secure victory in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or at least finishing a match in the top 10. Some methods involve very aggressive play, rushing the nearest military base and grabbing the biggest gun you can find, while other plays support more discrete approaches to claiming victory.

In a duos match, YouTuber Sir Lance and a friend found a car. They were planning to use said car for stuff like, you know, driving, but when they hit an incline the car decided to do a back flip, leaving it helplessly stranded upside down.

It was far from useless though. The two friends decided to chill in the car for about 30 minutes, and when there were only a handful of people left alive in the match, Sir Lance and his friend popped out and swept up the remaining players, securing victory. Love it.

2. Take Down Enemies After Sweet Motorcycle Flips

[Credit: Bluehole Studios]
[Credit: Bluehole Studios]

If you've mastered the art of riding a motorcycle in Battlegrounds, trying out this gimmick might be something for you. Streamer Jbellizzi pulled off a backflip over a house on this bike, leaping from the cycle midair and then proceeded to take out two enemies just after he landed.

It's one of those moments where it's hard to believe what just happened. Judging by his reaction, Jbellizzi couldn't really believe the whole thing either. Hear his squealing reaction below (let your ears be warned, though):

3. Frying Pans Are The Strongest Armor

We return to streamer Sir Lance and his discoveries with the moment when he uncovered that cast iron pans found in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can be used both to block shotgun blasts and to smack opponents around.

So if you want to adapt to this hostile environment as much as possible, carrying around a frying pan is actually quite a reasonable thing to do. It's a versatile tool, being both a life saver and taker!

4. Take Your Car Underground For Ultimate Rampage

[Credit: Bluehole Studios]
[Credit: Bluehole Studios]

More cowardly players in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have a tendency to gather underground, having other, braver players duke it out on the surface.

Streamer Christ Grant decided to punish these so-called soldiers, squeezing a car into the game's underground network. What happened after that is kind of obvious from the above picture, but if you want the brutal details (and to hear Chris' diabolical laughter) watch this video:

5. Motorcycles Turn You Into The Flash

This clip shows how hilariously buggy PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can be. Shooting someone off a speeding motorbike is a decent achievement, so it must be pretty disappointing when your prey just runs off into the distance after you've dismounted him with your precise shooting. Look at him run though!

Have you managed to pull off any unbelievable plays in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? Let us know in the comments!


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