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Jay Ricciardi

One of Overwatch's best features is its excellent and recognizable voice acting. It's really a treat to hear the results of a well-polished and incredibly talented cast.

It's even more of a treat to see them all joking around together in real life and in character, which we can now see thanks to Lucio's voice actor, Jonny Cruz.

Jonny Cruz takes us through the range of characters from Matt Mercer's mid-day McCree to Keith Silverstein's Torbjörn (mind the umlaut) to the newly introduced Brigitte Kali's boopin' Sombra.

The entire cast of Overwatch was spending some time together post-Blizzcon and getting a tour of the Blizzard Entertainment campus together:

It's great to see the camaraderie and levity among the voice actors, especially during the movement, which is supporting better conditions for industry voice actors.

Does any of the Overwatch cast look way different than you imagined?


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