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I love birds. They are my favorite creatures in the world. Whenever I go out, I look for birds to feed and hang out by. They always move so gracefully, and their feathers are so soft.

Fortunately, I've heard about a place that has flamingos! The pinkest, tallest type of bird around. That place is the game Sacramento. Here's what it's like to journey through its colorful world.

My journey starts with a train ride. This place is quite far from where I am from. I am at a marsh, the perfect home for flamingos. I love marshes; they're full of different bugs and animals, all of them flitting around and enjoying the moisture that kisses the air.

The marsh has several plants dotted around, and an abundance of water. It’s quite an open area, so I figured I should be able to find the flamingos in no time.

Ah, dragonflies. These lovely insects move rapidly, then just as quickly become motionless, except for the beating of delicate wings hovering in the air. They might not be birds, but they have the same elegance as birds. I took my time, traipsing through their home and watching them float majestically around me.

Walking beyond the incredible insects, I came to some really obscure flowers. They looked almost like pinwheels growing upwards from the dirt. Unsure why they are here, I knocked down a couple of them. They fell flat, disappearing into the strange marsh. "Huh," I thought. "Time to move on, I suppose."

I've been walking around for quite some time I thought. I don’t want to miss my train home. Hopefully I will find my flamingos soon.

Maybe she has seen the flamingos? Is it rude to interrupt someone who's reading? I hadn't found anyone else in this area, and I had heard it's pretty deserted due to the swampy environment. But here she was.

I decided to ask her if she knew where the train was, or maybe, the flamingos. She didn’t reply, ignoring me completely. Maybe it's rude? I surmised I should move on.

Soon I stumbled upon a big house. Maybe she lived here? There were some beautiful birds — perhaps crows or pigeons — flying above it. Definitely not flamingos though. Definitely not what my heart desires. I must find them, as it's getting darker and darker. Surely the flamingos won't be out too late.

After walking for what seems like hours… I was ready to give up... but wait! What's that up ahead?

There are so many of them! They seem to be just be hanging out, all congregating in this one spot. Perhaps this is why I had such trouble finding them? Perhaps they were all just eating together, concentrated in one large group.

Flamingos! Each beautiful bird doesn't even attempt to run away. I can just walk right up to them and touch them — pet their little feathered necks. I spent as much time as I could spare observing them and admiring their individuality. Then a realization struck me!

Seeing these birds must be the completion of my adventure. It's time to get back on my train before I miss it and head home. There is surely more to explore here, but that adventure is for another time.

This little story was created inside the game Sacramento.


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