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WB Games Montreal may have just shot themselves in the foot. Recent promotional footage leaked onto the internet may have just revealed that a new Batman game is in development. The video talks about expanding the #DC Universe in the interactive space and shows a few clips of what seems to be an open-world game in development. That video has since been taken down, but the good folks over at WCCF Tech were able to take a screenshot of the game in question. You can check it out below.

While this is obviously all unverified, the fact the video in question was yanked down so quickly lends strong evidence to support the rumor that this is in fact a new #Batman game currently in the works. Once again, it seems WB Games Montreal has failed to keep another superhero game from prematurely leaking to the public — previously, their secret Superman game was leaked last year.

This recent reveal also adds credibility to a leak earlier this year that stated the studio was working on two superhero video games and one of them was this supposed Batman game. Website Bytesize Impressions released the following info when that rumor broke in May:

  • Damian Wayne will be the protagonist
  • The story takes place in the "not-so-distant future"
  • The Batcycle will replace the Batmobile
  • The city will be be bigger and more immersive - not evacuated
  • The Batcave will be upgradable

Along with the information about the rumored Batman game, the second game was reportedly based on the #SuicideSquad. Shortly thereafter, a NeoGAF community member - who was vetted by moderators - revealed that he had a source within the studio who told him of the two upcoming games. He reaffirmed the above information about the upcoming Damian Wayne game, and then gave some extra information regarding the Suicide Squad game. He revealed the following:

  • More of a brawler type game
  • Can create your own character and customize it
  • Has a diverse roster
  • Features cooperative play (Arkham Knight-esque)
  • It has a similar feel to a Borderlands game
  • Rocksteady helped produce the game

Coupled with the above accidental leak from Warner Bros. themselves, these rumors are beginning to gain more credibility. It's worth noting, though, that has been no mention of the studio's upcoming #Superman game. Right now, I am more inclined to believe that the Batman game will become a reality while the Superman game has been put on the back burner, considering there is an actual screenshot of the Batman game in development. As to whether or not the Suicide Squad game is definitely happening, I am not yet sure if I would prefer that or a Superman game to be the second in the works.

The main thing to take away from this is that we should be expecting another Batman game to be released before 2018. Whether it will star Damian or Bruce Wayne remains to be seen, but if the story is anything like Montreal's Arkham Origins then we are in for a treat.


Would you rather a Superman or Suicide Squad game?