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While we've known that a new Legend of Zelda title has been in the works for a long time now, it wasn't actually until E3 back in June that we saw any real gameplay or knew the title to be Breath of the Wild. Which makes it all the more surreal to know that the title is arriving in just a few months alongside the new console (also only announced within the past few months).

If you needed any more proof that the Switch and Breath of the Wild aren't going to break our hearts with a last-minute delay, look no further than last night's Jimmy Fallon episode. Reggie Fils-Aimé stopped by The Tonight Show to show off but "surprised" Fallon by also bringing along the Switch and Breath of the Wild.

And it. was. awesome.

It Just Made Me Even More Hyped For 'Breath of the Wild'

The Legend of Zelda segment of the video (shown below) begins just under 5 minutes in, and it starts with Reggie at the controls. It's not an entirely new setting, but I wasn't expecting Link to be wearing an unfamiliar set of armor — which is part of the game's new design. It was awesome, and in a weird way this Link reminded me a bit of Daryl from .

What follows is Reggie panning the camera around and pointing out just how expansive the land is, saying that it's "absolutely massive" — and he's not joking. The game looks like what it said it would be: an open-world Zelda experience. But the best part? His reaffirmation that, "Anywhere that you see, you can get to."

It's also worth pointing out how excited Fallon is by this point. Say what you will about his alleged surprise at what would be on his show, his quivering hands and fanboyish gawking over the Switch are real. He even goes into a story about Miyamoto's inspiration for the game being walking around in Kyoto and wanting to recreate that experience. It's sort of like an excited puppy getting his first look at his new favorite toy — so you can imagine how it went when Fallon was actually handed the reins.

Importantly, The Quality Was Great When Jimmy Played The Handheld Version

When Reggie was very obviously getting ready to let Fallon have his turn at the game, I was actually wondering if Fallon wouldn't just tear the controller right out of his hands. Seriously, he was practically hopping with anticipation.

But Reggie's plan wasn't to hand the controller over to Fallon, it was to hand him the system. As you undoubtedly know, the Switch's big feature is the ability for it to instantly switch from a home console to a handheld. The original reveal trailer certainly made a point of this, but seeing is believing, as they say, and I believe.

"This is the Nintendo Switch," Reggie says as he hands the console to Fallon. And it really is incredible. Fallon takes over exactly where Reggie left off, there doesn't appear to be any lag time during the switch from console to handheld, and perhaps most importantly, the game looks just as great as it did when Reggie was playing it.

Until January's Switch event, it'll be hard to say exactly what resolution and framerate the Switch runs at, but if this demo is any indication, that's not going to be an issue. Again, it's hard to say with exact certainty from the video, but it didn't look like anything was lost when transitioning. All in all, it just made me even more excited for March 2017.

All that said, it's hard not to watch the video and declare the best part of it to be the following moment, now forever immortalized as a GIF:

Are you hyped for Breath of the Wild? "Yes" or "super yes"?


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