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There was a lot to love at Microsoft's E3 conference earlier today but out of all of the impressive new console announcements, great gameplay reveals, and cool peripheral add-ons on stage, there was one title that stole the show for me: [We Happy Few](tag:3964510). I'm dying to talk about this game with [XBOX](tag:2655359) fans, but first, let's check out the trailer in question.

Are You Sure You Want To Uncover The Truth Behind Those Smiles?


Well, that's my nightmares sorted for today.

We Happy Few will take us into an alternative timeline, one that sees Nazi Germany successfully commencing Operation Sealion — a very real and secret plot that was to conclude with the invasion of the UK — and invading England. We focus on a small village known as Wellington Wells, and boy does this place have serious issues.

It's the year 1964 and Wellington has managed to expel the Nazi threat from England. But we've no idea how they've managed it. All we know is that the townsfolk instigated an incident that they simply refer to as "A Very Bad Thing." This thing scarred them so deeply that in order to cope and prevent their guilt from collapsing their society, the city has resorted to taking dosages of Joy, a drug that makes the citizens forget about everything bad that has ever happened to them, including the "Very Bad Thing."

What you see in the trailer above is what happens to you when you're off this drug; the real horrors of this town are laid bare and the inhabitants are not happy about it. You've been labelled a "downer" (those who choose not to take Joy) and from that moment forth you'll be hunted and brutally attacked by your own neighbors till your forced to ingest Joy and become one with the many. You'll have to survive in this alternative reality and uncover what the "Very Bad Thing" was that drove these people to the brink of madness.

If that's not an incredible plot for a horror game then I don't know what is.

BioShock Fans Will Feel Right At Home

It's very clear that We Happy Few has already established a truly terrifying, unique and twisted tone, but its atmosphere is also reminiscent of Irrational Games' exceptional BioShock; the masks the characters wear, the art style and the rampant madness that has infected this rural village has that game written all over it. I couldn't be happier.

This Xbox One exclusive will hopefully become one of the seminal experiences on the console and we can't wait to get our hands on it on July 26.

What do you think of We Happy Few?


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