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That beastly combat-orientated hulk of a game For Honor is upon us. Across the battlefield, the blood-beaten roar of the Vikings, the formidable clash of the Knights' metal plates and the resolute, but ferocious silence of the Samurai can be heard amongst the carnage. Most fans, I think, have decided which faction they love the most, but not everyone has yet decided which weapon they'll be wielding.

All You Need To Know: Best Weapons, Armor & Features Of The 12 'For Honor' Classes

Each of the 12 classes from For Honor that are featured in the game are fierce and threatening, all with different weapons, fighting styles and characteristics. Everyone is guaranteed to be satisfied by the strength on display. But which will you choose? Let's get started!

Vikings - The Raiders

The Raider - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Raider - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: The For Honor Raider is possibly the most fearsome class in the game. Not only is he a massive beast of a man covered in tattoos and fur, but he is also utterly fearless. The Vikings believed that their death was fated and after it they would go to Valhalla, a great hall filled with kings, ale and battle. If they have no control over their death, then why worry about it?
  • Weapons: A massive two-handed Dane axe almost as tall as the Raider himself.
  • Armor: Little in the way of armor apart from a helmet and some thick skin.
  • Fighting Style: These Raiders are huge, deadly and exceptionally strong. They specialize in offense, dishing out heavy, slow disabling attacks with the Dane axe, stunning and controlling enemies with throws and using quick, short ranged combos to fend off swifter enemies who get in too close.

Vikings - The Warlord

The Warlor - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Warlor - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: According to Viking tradition, leaders on the battlefield had to earn their right to stand at the front by spending years fighting in this position. If you kept fighting there and returning home, you clearly earned it. These units are not just fierce fighters, but are also great leaders too.
  • Weapons: The Warlords in For Honor carry both a shield as well as a gladius. They don't have a lot of range, but they can swiftly leap on enemies, closing the gap before they can respond.
  • Armor: These warriors don't care so much for armor, but the Warlords will go into battle wearing a helmet and some tough leather to keep the flies off.
  • Fighting Style: The Warlord is perhaps the best defensive class in the game. Their bread and butter combat style is a mix of quick, short range blows and deadly counters. When it comes to fighting back, the Warlord relies on his leap attacks to quickly close the gap before launching into brutal short ranged headbutts and combos.

Vikings - The Beserkers

Charging for honor. 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
Charging for honor. 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: The Berserkers are just as brutal as the Viking warriors they're based on. They are more beast than man, and are therefore terrifying on the battlefield. They are fast and protected only by their passion for the Gods and for killing in their name.
  • Weapons: Hand axes started off as essential tools for chopping and splitting wood, but they soon became the deadly weapon that we now associate with the Vikings. The Berserker in For Honor carries two of them.
  • Armor: You'll get a face mask and a hell of a lot of fur. Apart from that, your defense is all in your attack.
  • Fighting Style: The engines of death, ready to dispense a brutal flurry of hacks, slashes and charges at any enemy unlucky enough to be in range. The Berserker specializes in trapping enemies and then quickly closing in with a maelstrom of brutal axe combos.

Vikings - The Valkyrie

The Valkyrie - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Valkyrie - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: The Valkyrie are scouts and trackers, women who've made a deal with the gods to fight for the glory of those who will be counted in Valhalla. They're exceedingly mobile and excellent at outmaneuvering opponents.
  • Weapons: The Valkyrie fights with a spear and shield, they don't quite have the range of some of the other polearm-wielding classes, but make up for it with excellent mobility and defensive capabilities.
  • Armor: The Valkyrie wears light leather armor, relying on their shield and speed for their protection.
  • Fighting Style: The Valkyrie specializes in battlefield control. They're incredibly mobile and can harass enemies at a distance with spear throws and traps, before dodging round and moving in for the kill.

Knights - The Warden

 The Warden - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Warden - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: The For Honor Warden class is a perfect middle ground between attack and defense. These are big guys who are dedicated to their land and people, and who aim to realize their ambitions of their service to knighthood.
  • Weapons: The Wardens use a massive two-handed longsword which can be used for relatively fast attack and defense.
  • Armor: Plate armor on top of chainmail and some serious leather. The Warden isn't as tough as a Conqueror or Lawbringer, but they can still take a serious hit or two.
  • Fighting Style: The fighting style of the Wardens in For Honor is very much focused on balance. They have an unblockable shoulder attack, but most of what you'll see from a Warden are heavy, but fast blows using the longsword. The Warden is excellent at supporting other players in a melee bout. Their grenade attacks can catch an opponent off guard and open them up for a fatal strike, and their passive aura can heal and aid their friends.

Knights - The Conquerors

Taking on a bonfire? 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
Taking on a bonfire? 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: These are ex-criminals who were forced into the military, but rose to prominence and were later trained as heavy infantry soldiers. Despite their somewhat lowly beginnings, they are now some of the most fearsome warriors in this faction.
  • Weapons: The Conquerors in For Honor use the Footman's Flail, which is essentially a huge steel-spiked ball at the end of an iron chain. If given the time and space to execute a full swing, there aren't many that will be able to withstand it.
  • Armor: These warriors are very defensive, so they are given the heaviest and thickest armor. They're one of the toughest classes in the game.
  • Fighting Style: For the Conquerors in For Honor, battles will be slow. It will all be about how many hits you can defend against before you can unleash the flail. The Conqueror excels in tanking hits on their shield, then stunning enemies with their unblockable shield bash attacks before they crush them with their flail.

Knights - The Peacekeepers

Deadly in the shadows. 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
Deadly in the shadows. 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: The For Honor Peacekeepers are part of the Iron Legion, but also stand apart from them. They care little for glory and knighthood. Instead, they will enter the battlefield and do only what is required of them to bring the peace (which usually involves killing everyone in their way). The Peacekeeper is one of the most interesting and challenging classes in the game, requiring a lot of finesse and mobility to unleash well-timed chains of swift attacks.
  • Weapons: Dual-wielded swords and a dagger. These short weapons suffer in head-to-head combat against some of the more heavily armed foes in the game, but are incredibly fast and perfect for flanking opponents.
  • Armor: Leather, chainmail and some seriously frightening metallic face masks. The Peacekeeper is lightly armored, which means you need to stay on your toes at all times to stay alive.
  • Fighting Style: The For Honor Peacekeepers are all about speed and precision. This means they'll be spending most of the time dodging cumbersome attacks and waiting for the perfect time to sink their blade in your gut. Pair up with a friendly Lawbringer to really bring the hurt as you flank and backstab opponents while the lawbringer keeps them busy.

Knights - The Lawbringer

The Lawbringer - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Lawbringer - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]

Summary: The Lawbringer is a defensively-focused class, specializing in parries and counter-attacks. They attack slowly, but each strike has a ton of reach and power. Lawbringers are excellent at 1v1 and domination matches, where they can use their strength, reach and power to their advantage without worrying about being flanked by swifter opponents.

Weapon: The Lawbringer carries a versatile Polearm, one of the most popular and deadly weapons of the medieval battlefield.

Armor: The Lawbringer wears full plate mail, with chain underneath. They're extremely tough, and hard to take down.

Fighting Style: The Lawbringer is an intermediate class, once you've mastered the parry system, these stalwart warriors can be incredibly deadly. When fighting in group combat, make sure to keep your eyes open, as more nimble players can outflank you and open you up for tons of damage.

Samurai - The Kensei

The Kensei - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Kensei - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: Every great ruler has trained as a Kensei, the defenders of the land. Taken at infancy, these warriors are brought up as masters of multiple martial arts and in the way of the Samurai. They are the ideal warrior, striving for constant perfection and willing to die for their faction at the drop of a hat.
  • Weapons: The Kensei in For Honor use a long and clean blade called the Nodachi. It's longer and heavier than the classic katana, and requires much more strength to wield.
  • Armor: The armor that these warriors use is the absolute finest and strongest that the faction has to offer, which also includes a mask.
  • Fighting Style: Not as fast as some of the units in the faction, but the Kensei make up for it with much longer melee range and more powerful high heavy attacks. They're an excellent beginner/intermediate class.

Samurai - The Shugoki

The Shugoki - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Shugoki - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: The Shugoki in For Honor are basically tanks on the battlefield. These warriors are huge in size with strength that can rarely, if ever, be matched. Yes, they are slow in their attack, but if you get in the way of one of them then it's game over in one.
  • Weapons: Their choice of weapon is the kanabo. Essentially, a weapon built out of a tree trunk. It's a stack of wood with metal spikes driven into its centre for ultimate damage.
  • Armor: Strong and thick overlapping pieces of metal covering shoulders, chest and waist.
  • Fighting Style: These guys can take hits for fun, and are best against a large number of enemies thanks to the kanabo. However, the For Honor Shugoki are very slow, which means you'll have to be careful if you're up against an especially quick opponent.

Samurai - The Orochi

The Orochi - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Orochi - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: These are some of the finest warriors the world has ever seen. They are extremely fast and agile, relying on quick strikes and lots of mobility. On top of that, the Orochi are also able to unleash havoc with deadly knives and poison blades. Think of them as something like an assassin that isn't afraid to show his face.
  • Weapons: The katana is made of laminated steel and is often seen as the most deadly weapon of the Samurai.
  • Armor: The Orochi in For Honor wear armor that is both flexible and strong. They're medium to lightly armored, tougher than a Nobushi, but not able to tank hits from stronger classes.
  • Fighting Style: Like many of the more lightly armored classes, the Orochi is difficult to master. They're slightly more forgiving than the Nobushi, but one wrong move can still spell your doom.

Samurai - The Nobushi

The Nobushi - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
The Nobushi - 'For Honor' [Credit: Ubisoft]
  • Summary: The Nobushi wield a long hafted Naginata in combat. Their fighting style is finesse-based, relying on careful footwork and outranging their opponent. In fact, the Nobushi have perhaps the longest threat range of any of the classes in For Honor, which they'll have to take full advantage of to survive against the more powerful and heavily armored warriors they'll come across.
  • Weapons: The Naginata is a peasant's weapon, a kind of cross between a spear and halberd, which keeps opponents at bay with swift sweeps of its blade and fast jabs.
  • Armor: The Nobushi are one of the most lightly armored classes in the game, with little more than thick cloth to protect them. Don't attempt to go toe-to-toe with tougher classes or you'll be turned to paste.
  • Fighting Style: The Nobushi is a difficult class to master, with little room for error. You'll need to get very good at keeping opponents at a distance, or you won't survive long on the battlefield.

Have you got a favorite For Honor class yet? Let us know which one you like the look of in the comments section below!

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