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One of the great things about video games is their ability to transport us to new worlds. Worlds where we're allowed to be someone we're not, to experience epic stories and interact with people from all over the globe.

One of the other great things about video games is that they allow you to do some pretty crazy stuff! Attack chickens? Sure! Pull people out of moving vehicles and steal their cars? Hell yeah! Video games let us do all kinds of ridiculous things we'd never even dream of doing in real life. Some of them are funny. Some of them are just weird. And some of them are... well... pretty effed up, to be honest.

Here are some of the wildest, craziest (and oftentimes disturbing) things you can do in your favorite video games.

From the Cheery to the Eerie: 9 of the Craziest Things You Can Do in Games

1. Become a Serial Killer and Adorn Your House With the Bodies of Your Victims (Skyrim)

One of the great things about Skyrim is how open it is. You get to choose how you play, the things you do, and the choices you make, which brings with it a true sense of "stepping into a game." One player may have taken this a bit too far when he decided to become a creepy, perverted serial killer and routinely murder his wives. The most disturbing part, though, is his house. The decapitated heads of his many wives are placed sporadically about the entire abode, and their heads are perched on a set of shelves like trophies.

2. Take a Break from Saving the World to Work at a Hotel (Super Mario RPG)

Mario is always off on some adventure to save the princess and/or defeat Bowser, and it's no different in SNES classic Super Mario RPG (though his enemy is a bit different this time around). What happens, though, if the mustachioed plumber overstays his visit at a posh hotel? He's given a right talking-to, of course—before being forced to pay back the money by becoming a bellhop for the hotel! It's a goofy little easter egg that adds a bit of realism to the game... and has always made me smile, to boot.

3. Create Your Very Own "Death Parks" Filled with Creatively Engineered Rides Built for the Sole Purpose of Killing People (Roller Coaster Tycoon)

If you've ever played any of the Roller Coaster Tycoon games and HAVEN'T accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) caused your park-goers to die horrific deaths, you're either way too strait-laced or you're lying. Sure, it's fun to do what you're supposed to do and create fun parks for children and adults alike to enjoy, but it's even more fun to create entire parks themed around rides of death that will send your visitors careening into walls, flying off tracks, and crashing into each other.

4. Kidnap, Strip, and Torture Other Players (DayZ)

The online open world survival game DayZ is about as innovative as they come. Try to survive in a world where a mysterious plague has turned most of the population into violent zombies! DayZ will have you scavenging for food and resources while teaming up with other players to take on the zombies (and fend off other survivors).

One of the most unique features of the game, however, comes in the form of your interactions with other players. Not only can you shoot and kill your fellow survivors, you can handcuff them, steal their stuff, shoot them in the genitals, force-feed them worms and disinfectant, and generally be a complete and total douche to them just for the hell of it. Sounds pretty realistic!

5. Teabag Your Opponents' Splayed Corpses (Halo)

It's no secret that people like to be dicks to each other when playing online. It's also no secret that crouching up and down quickly over a dead player is absolutely hilarious. Cue thousands of Halo players everywhere using this "teabagging" technique to further humiliate and mortify their conquered opponents after a successful trouncing. The more who participate, the greater the hilarity... so long as you're not on the receiving end.

6. Torture, Kill, and Otherwise Be an Ass to Your Sims (The Sims)

The Sims may look like an innocent little life simulation game on the outside, but on the inside, it's a game of sadistic torture, humiliation, and murder. The number of ways you can kill your Sims is nigh on ridiculous, and players have even gone so far as to create houses of murder for the sole intent of killing their Sims in grizzly ways. Trap eight children in a house on fire? No problem! Chuck your Sims into the swimming pool and delete the exit? Piece of cake! Hell, you can even kill your elderly Sims by making them have sex!

7. Disguise Yourself as a Bug and Getting Your Groove On (Jet Force Gemini)

I played far too much Jet Force Gemini as a kid, and one of the things I loved doing the most was exploring all the various worlds while making up new stories for the characters in my head (or out loud on the occasion I was playing with my sister). One of the best places for doing this (and one of the most bizarre areas of the entire game) was the Big Bug Fun Club, a random nightclub only accessible by taking a certain route through the Ichor Military Base. To enter the club (without dying), you have to transform yourself into a bug, whereupon you're treated to dancing bugs, crazy rave music, and flashing rainbow lights. Talk about a trip!

8. Drop an Atomic Bomb on a Town for No Good Reason (Fallout 3)

Ranked close to the top of the cruelest things you can do in video games is this choice you can make in Fallout 3. The town of Megaton is threatened by an atomic bomb in the center of the city. You're given the option of disarming the bomb and saving the people or siding with an old entrepreneur who wants to wipe the entire town off the face of the map just because he thinks it's a "blight on the landscape." You'll instantly kill everyone in Megaton if you decide to set off the bomb. Well, aside from one woman now horrifically scarred and dying of radiation... There's a reason you lose 1,000 karma upon hitting that button.

9. Rule Over Your Kingdom as a Chicken (Fable III)

The Fable games allowed us to make all kinds of crazy choices that could affect the outcome of our game. This is not one of those choices—this is just you looking like an idiot. One of the most entertaining outfits you can wear in Fable III is the chicken costume, and there's nothing funnier than wearing it once you become king or queen and proffer judgment, make important decisions, and sit upon your mighty throne while decked out in giant feathers. You can even get an achievement for doing so! Guess Lionhead Studios banked on us being absolutely ridiculous.

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What are some of the craziest, weirdest, and most ridiculous things you like to do in your favorite games? How about your guilty pleasures? Let us know!


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