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For those of you who've yet to jump aboard the downbound train to HBO's Westworld, I implore you to do so. Not only is it one of the finest TV shows we've seen in a while, it's essentially the video game film we've always wanted.

With throwbacks to western RPGs, BioShock and Red Dead Redemption, this series is a video game player's dream. However, a few felt as though the show's references to gaming culture didn't go quite far enough and decided to combine Westworld's setting with the lawless wasteland of Bethesda's Fallout 4. Naturally, the results are quite spectacular.

Fallout 4 Meets HBO's Westworld

Obviously, fellow gamers, the video below is chock full of spoilers pertaining to Westworld. Lots of people die and whatnot. However, the spoilers only extend as far as Episode 2. Have no fear if you haven't caught up yet—but also get right on that immediately!

Without watching the video, I'm sure any Fallout fan will be able to discern what exactly is being referenced here.

Anthony Hopkins as Vault Boy is something I never thought I'd need, but can now no longer live without.

Are you a fan of HBO's Westworld?

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