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World Of Final Fantasy, the new game featuring characters from many previous titles in the series, including fan-favorites (or my favorites) Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart.

As for fans like myself though, it's also recently been announced that Sora of Kingdom Hearts fame will be joining the game through a DLC.

Why It Matters


Even though Kingdom Hearts is a game created off of the idea of combining Disney and Final Fantasy properties, Kingdom Hearts original characters have never before crossed over into other Final Fantasy titles, so finally seeing Sora hack and slash along-side Cloud and Squall in a Final Fantasy game will be fantastic. I'm already super excited!

What Does It Mean For Other Crossovers?


Specifically mobile games such as Final Fantasy Record Keeper. For those that aren't familiar, FFRK essentially is all about the player going into paintings in a museum and recruiting iconic characters from various characters throughout the Final Fantasy franchise.

However, given Kingdom Hearts' massive popularity, combining two of Square Enix's biggest properties in even more games could be a great move, both business-wise and gameplay-wise.

While there are other major crossover Final Fantasy games, such as Final Fantasy Explorers, the nice thing about FFRK is that it is consistently getting updates and events, which makes the possibility of Kingdom Hearts being featured even greater.

Why Would It Work So Well?

As we already said, FFRK deals mostly in quests and events, and more are always being added, so the prospect of adding in Kingdom Hearts quests and events isn't entirely out of the question. On top of that, the way FFRK works, for those unfamiliar, each character has a weapon, armor, and accessories; all of which there are plenty in Kingdom Hearts.

As if that wasn't enough, Record Keeper, while it's a fantastic game, needs something more to keep players from getting bored, which is why the events are always fantastic, and a Kingdom Hearts themed event would not only be a crowd pleaser, but also bring in new players.

Would you like to see a Kingdom Hearts themed event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper? Let us know in the comments!


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