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Yes, there's an app game called "Ballz" and while the name may leave you skeptical, I can assure you the only thing dirty about it is the addiction you'll develop to it.

The latest craze developed by mobile game maker, Ketchapp, Ballz is a free download that's rising through the iTunes charts and has already amassed over one million downloads on Google Play.

Ballz is topping the charts for good reason: it's a re-imaging of Brick Breaker with elements of Angry Birds and a dash of 2048. The result is arguably the most addicting mobile game to exist.

Did I mention that it's also one of the rare few that doesn't require you to be connected online at all times to play?

Check out the gameplay trailer below!

A Simple Premise That Will Control Your Life

The whole point of Ballz is to aim your balls and take out bricks before they reach the ground. You slide down to shoot and a white dotted line appears displaying the direction the ball will go.

When the game begins you have one ball, and after the first time you shoot it, when the ball hits the ground that turn ends. The remaining blocks will move down one space, new blocks will appear and so will a block-sized white circle.

This circle represents another ball. If you hit it with your existing ball, you'll receive one new ball on the following turn. You'll then be able to shoot two balls simultaneously, and so on. You gain more more as you hit more circles as they appear.

Collecting more balls is vital as each block will need to be hit the amount of times that correlates with the number on it. If you fail to break any block before it reaches the ground it's game over and you'll have to start all over again.

Useful Tips To Achieve The Best Possible Score!

While the premise is rather simple, getting the highest score is not. Here's some useful tips to get you started:

  • Your score is determined by how many rounds you go without any bricks touching the ground.
  • Master making balls go from wall to wall. This is key to survival, especially when you have blocks that require a high number of hits. If you have multiple blocks that are about to reach the ground, this my be the only way to prevent a game over.
  • Eliminating bricks is made easier by collecting more balls. The further you progress, the more hits blocks will require to take out, so having more balls to hit the same and multiple bricks is always to your benefit.
  • At some points you'll have to decide between aiming for more blocks or more balls. In the earlier parts of the game getting more balls should be a priority. Once you have balls well over double digits, it's best to stay focused on blocks. There's always a chance one of your balls will go stray and grab the new ones. Ultimately use discretion accordingly.
  • If balls continue to bounce side to side, you'll be given a chance to fast-forward by a prompt in the upper right of the screen. Doing so will have no affect on the game itself outside of saving you time.
  • Don't worry about collecting the yellow rings, they're used for microtransactions (more on that below)

As mentioned before, Ballz is similar to these other games and having mastered each of them will surely help you:

  • It shares the careful aiming and shooting of .
  • You'll need to carefully make use of the space and keep track of numbers like in 2048.
  • The way the balls bounce around and between bricks is reminiscent of Brick Breaker.

Don't Worry About Microtransactions

Just like every free-to-play game, Ballz sports microtransations. Your money will earn you rings. For every 200 rings you can unlock a different random colored ball. However spending money on this is rather pointless as the color changes are purely cosmetic and no affect on the gameplay, but if you really want all the colors, then by all means. Otherwise rings can be collected by simply playing the game.

There's also an option to make the game AD free which will cost you a one time fee of $1.99. It's reasonable considering once you start playing, it'll be hard to put down. However, if you play the game with your Wi-Fi and mobile data switched off, there won't be any ads, making this a truly free game!

So what are you waiting for, get out there and play some Ballz! And once you do, come back here and let me know what your highest score is, currently I'm at 96, can you beat that?


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