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The Tower was known as a place of safety. The last haven for humanity as the world began to collapse under the constant assault of the Fallen and Hive. With the help of the Vanguard, humanity found comfort behind its titanic walls, the powers of the Guardians, and the knowledge that the Traveler would one day awaken to help save humanity. But what if that day never came and the last haven for humanity was attacked? What if the Vanguard could no longer hold back a threat that was much larger than they?

This week has confirmed Destiny 2, with the release of a new logo. And from the image, if one were to analyze it closely, you would recognize a few distinct features contained within it. Aside from the Destiny 2 stamp, you can see the city itself and the darkness that has begun to blanket it. You would notice the fire, the smoke, and the hint of a battle that has ensued within what was once the safety net of humanity. Yep, it seems that Bungie is showing us that there's a much bigger battle on its way and the threat that's about to be unleashed could be devastating to humanity.

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The City Holds Fallen Guardian. May The Traveler's Light Guide You

Image: Bungie
Image: Bungie

It's not the first time we've heard of Fallen threats within the walls' parameters. Heck, it's not the first time we've had to defend the wall itself. Remember the Gjallarhorn mission from "The Rise of Iron"? That was a wall and the Fallen were brutal in their attempts to break in due to the downed security systems. What if the attackers learned from that mistake and figured out how to weaken the City's defenses and leave those within vulnerable?

This image seems to depict that very possibility. It could also signal the distress signal the Cabal sent off during the events of "The Taken King" as the Taken swarmed their bases with the threat of the Hive, the Fallen, and now the SIVA-enhanced Splicers. As the Darkness slowly encroaches upon Earth and the Traveler still having not awoken, we can only wonder if the City will be the major battleground for the Guardians as they seek to force back all threats. The cost may weigh even more heavily upon them and the Vanguard as they seek to provide safety for everyone on Earth.

What If The The Darkness Has Reached Earth?

Image: Bungie
Image: Bungie

In players met Crota, the Son of Oryx, and some of Crota's siblings who sought to spread the Darkness on Earth. What we didn't see was the darker side of the family, with some remaining absent from the game and even more lethal following the death of their father and brother. For those familiar with lore, there is something much more evil, much more devious at work, which was caused by King Auryx. In the story of Oryx (or Auryx, before he became Taken), he beheads those of his own kind by the names of Xivu Arath and Savath√Ľn.

In doing so he unleashes a mightier power than ever before as a Taken. However, even with these deaths, there's something even darker at work. The very real threat of the Darkness and the death of Oryx could be bringing these two back as formidable foes for the Guardians. It could be possible that the Darkness may be unleashing all its forces upon Earth in an attempt to take out the Traveler once and for all.

Night Will Fall And Light Will Drown When A Good Man Goes to War

Image: Bungie
Image: Bungie

With the impending doom that could very well be happening to the City, could be preparing to pull out all the stops and put players on a high-octane battle to save humanity, with Guardians forced to fight back against the Darkness, the Cabal, the SIVA virus, the Fallen, and even Hive. Our work is cut out for us as we strive to protect. For now, we know humanity will bring innocent people to suffer the wrath of those who seek to destroy them, while new Guardians rise from the ashes of the fallen.

Even with the Light on their side, their battle could be grueling, it could be painful, and worst of all, their Light could falter. The Guardians could find themselves overwhelmed. It could spell the end for their Light. With humanity once more on the verge of extinction, will this make it so that the Traveler wakes up? And what of the Awoken with the Queen now gone?

What world will we see when Destiny 2 launches on September 8?


Do you think the City will fall?


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