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Having just launched only a couple of days ago, Destiny's The Rise of Iron expansion welcomes quite a few changes including some spectacular reasons to dance in your chair. These range from upgrading your preexisting gear, to hunting down relic weapons, and even to seeking out hidden Dormant Siva Clusters that will play a much larger role later on.

The most entertaining portion of this newest expansion is already in the game. What is it? The fact we don't have to wait 'til Destiny 2's launch is closer in order to obtain our "Moments of Triumph" for Year 3. So let's take a look at things you can (and should) be doing in your time in the Plaguelands.

Hunting Down Gjallarhorn And Khvostov Exotics

First thing's first. We already know Gjallarhorn is back — it's better, and it's bigger than ever. Many of you have even gotten your pre-order for the "Iron Gjallarhorn," which is actually pretty nifty as a re-skin in comparison to the other one. Yeah, white, drap, with gold? Why not go silver, black, and shiny? Additionally, it requires a few extra steps to obtain the rocket launcher — and by steps, we mean a lot of hunt-and-find quests.

While these seem simple as they could be, both present rather difficult challenges from collecting weapons parts, pages, and even Dormant Siva Clusters that are hidden throughout the Plaguelands. While one quest you obtain by simply doing the story missions (Gjallarhorn), the Khvostov is a bit more difficult. To get the mission started you'll want to enter the Plaguelands.

Once there, head to the Cosmodrome where you first started the mission "The Walls Come Down" and head for the Fallen skiff. There, you'll want to clear out the back, find the schematic, and begin your quest for the gun. It's a long one that brings in a doozie, so be prepared for a bit of farming.

Destiny's Rise Of Iron Year 3 Book

While it's no surprise that Bungie would get this underway, Year 3 is a massive one, one that comes with four pages of objectives to complete. Many of these will have you darting across the Plaguelands to find things such as "Iron Lord Artifacts."

When not hunting artifacts for Year 3, others will have you take to the hidden control grids. Here, you'll use a number of tools to unlock Caches. Among them:

  • SIVA Offerings
  • Splicer Keys
  • Skeleton Keys

These are only the start, however, and will keep you busy for many a day due to the sheer volume of requirements needed to complete them.

Destiny: The Rise of Iron's Archon's Forge Is A Blast

While The Taken King certainly kept us busy by beating up on the King's minions at the Court of Oryx, there's something new here that fleshes out even more competition: Archon Keep.

Archon Keep follows the same ideals that the Court of Oryx established. It sends players in as groups in order to take on merciless waves of enemies until a 100% clear requirement has been met. Once that bit is completed, the Archon's Forge unleashes its fiercest warrior yet. The enemies are always Siva enhanced Splicer variants that look to take down Guardians and eat them for lunch.

If this is something up your alley, Archon's Forge will keep you rather busy for days on end.

Iron Lord Bounties From Shiro-6 At Felwinter Peak

Much like "The Tower," Felwinter Peak serves as the new central hub that players will grow used to. Unfortunately, it doesn't feature any of the Vanguard members nor does it offer anything outside of the Iron Lords. However, this place does feature exclusive armors through Shiro-6 when certain requirements are met.

This place also has unique bounties exclusively placed in the Plaguelands where players will work on community events, Archon's Forge kills. The game truly pushes players to become accustomed to this new zone. The expansion will keep them busy for hours on end as they will need to farm SIVA offerings from enemies in order to do the Archon's Forge.

With plenty to go around, Destiny: The Rise of Iron plans to keep fans busy for months to come. With Destiny 2 still a bit away, we can only hope this content will be more fleshed out, and even more lively than The Taken King. For now, we can settle in and be content with what we have as our Year 3 has just begun.


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