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Every E3, the standout is often the press conferences, with all the reveals and trailers to get us hyped for the year to come. Last year we had amazing trailers for Prey, Quake Champions and — but this time the reveals weren't so impressive. Many fans have expressed their disappointment with the lack of new content showcased, except for that great reveal for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It feels like we should have had more. And these are some of the things I would have liked to have seen.

5. The Elder Scrolls VI — Obviously

You were expecting this to be at No. 1 on this list, weren't you? Fortunately, I'm not that predictable. See, I could go the rest of my life without another rerelease of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's an amazing game, but it just feels like Bethesda is flogging a dead horse, especially when it announced the Creation Club at this year's . I want to experience something new in the world of Tamriel — perhaps a continent we've never seen before, or new enemies, towns, more lush environments, a new story to immerse myself in. It's been six years, Bethesda — time to drop before we get another Half-Life 3 situation.

4. Darkwatch Reboot/Sequel

With Bethesda giving us some truly amazing first-person shooters in the last few years including Doom and Wolfenstein, part of me was hoping that the company gets the rights to a certain criminally underrated PlayStation 2-era game about an undead-hunting organization in the Old West. was ahead of its time and I hope for a future revival with either a sequel or a reboot, because with Bethesda's name on the cover, it will undoubtedly garner the attention it deserves.

3. A Rage Sequel

Many gamers were excited to play the 2011 FPS Rage upon its release. It offered unique in-game concepts that could've been classic. Unfortunately, the game ended up a disappointment, nothing more than a boring clone of 2K Games' Borderlands, but without the charm and personality that made that game so legendary.

However, this is the same Bethesda team that was behind the aforementioned Doom and Wolfenstein, so perhaps now that the developers have found their stride, a sequel to Rage will fix many of the problems the first game had. A more vibrant world and Doom-esque speed, ditching the whole riding-around-an-open-world-desert mechanic, making it more linear, injecting a little soul into the game might turn Rage 2 into the franchise that Bethesda wanted the first time around.

2. No More Rereleases!

Skyrim and are amazing, so I can understand releasing them with VR capabilities, but I am begging: No more. Skyrim is a six-year-old game, so when it keeps being rereleased, whether it's another HD remaster or whatever, it just comes off as developer laziness. I don't want to see Skyrim rereleased again in the year 2025, OK? Just stop. I wish Bethesda would have come out, announcing that these are the final releases of these games.

1. A Brand-New IP

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the sequel of a soft reboot. 2016's Doom was a sequel as well as a soft reboot. Skyrim was a sequel. Prey was a reboot. Fallout 4 was a sequel. Dishonored 2 was a sequel. And Quake Champions will be a sequel. These are all classics that I love, but it's about time we got something fresh. Even Nintendo is giving us new IPs, with games like Splatoon and Arms, along with classic franchises like Mario and Zelda. And Ubisoft is gifting us with new titles like Skull & Bones along with Assassin's Creed: Origins, so I see no excuse on Bethesda's part.

These are just some of the complains I have about Bethesda from this year's E3. I hope the developers address my issues in time for E3 2018. Do you agree or do you think Bethesda is fine doing what it's doing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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