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Yep, the reports are true. Telltale CEO and co-founder Kevin Bruner has stepped down from leading the company this week. While fellow co-founder (and former CEO) Dan Connors will take charge as CEO in the coming months ahead, it's safe to say that the entire company's direction is about to change with the transfer of power between the two co-founders

Originally, Bruner stepped down in an email sent to Telltale staff, and then the story was later passed along to the gaming media after Kotaku received a copy of the email. An excerpt is posted below:

"Today I am writing to let you know that I’ll be stepping away from my position as CEO of Telltale. We’ve grown aggressively since Telltale’s inception, and now Telltale is bigger than I ever dreamed it would be. There are many possible futures for Telltale, and all of them are exciting and uniquely challenging. The time has come to pass the reins to someone that can better drive Telltale to the next level and realize all the potential that is here."

Of course, Bruner will still serve on the board of directors for Telltale Games as Dan Connors transitions back into the CEO role. Bruner was a relatively short-lived CEO, too: he stepped in as CEO for Telltale in 2015, meaning Bruner had essentially been running the company for two years and a quarter before he resigned. In comparison, Connors was Telltale's original CEO, so he certainly has the drive and experience to lead Telltale forward in the coming years ahead.

What's Going to Change?

Telltale's Batman series came out during Kevin Bruner's time as CEO
Telltale's Batman series came out during Kevin Bruner's time as CEO

It's safe to say that not too much will change for Telltale Games fans, actually. Connors was CEO during some of the biggest years for Telltale, ushering the company forward as , , and Back to the Future all brought in significant revenue for the company. Connors also served as CEO while supervising partnerships with Mojang for the episodic Minecraft: Story Mode adventure title, as well as the Tales from the Borderlands game inspired by Gearbox Software's iconic Borderlands series.

Meanwhile, while serving as CEO, Bruner helped advance Telltale's business opportunities for the company, which certainly proved successful. But there weren't as many new releases under his wing. Instead, Telltale continued to partner with other companies: creating "Super Shows" for Lions Gate, developing a Guardians of the Galaxy video game with Marvel, and publishing the Jackbox Party Pack to consoles at retail stores. But most of Telltale's iconic video games were actually created under Connors's leadership, whereas Bruner mostly increased Telltale's network and business ventures.

You can't talk about Telltale Games without mentioning The Walking Dead
You can't talk about Telltale Games without mentioning The Walking Dead

So what can fans expect from Telltale in 2017? More adventure hits from licensed franchises are very likely, as Connors will most likely take the company back to its roots. And while games like Batman: The Telltale Series were developed and released under Bruner's supervision, it was really Connors that made Telltale Games into the publisher and developer that brought in today's adventure games renaissance.

More About Telltale Games:

So while we're sad to see Bruner go, things look bright for Telltale Games fans. For certain, Telltale's best work is just around the corner, and fans are eager to see what's coming up next.

Are there any franchises that you would like to see turned into a Telltale episodic game series? Share your choices in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku


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