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So you want to add a Genesect to your roster in Pokémon Sun and Moon, but you don't know where to find a Genesect in the game world? No worries. There's actually a way you can carry around Genesect in your Pokémon roster, so long as you have another copy of Genesect lying around.

That's right. You need to go through the Pokémon Bank.

Originally, the Pokémon Bank wasn't compatible with Pokémon Sun and Moon. Instead of allowing all Pokémon Sun and Moon owners to transfer over their Pokémon, the company instead made players wait until 2017. Well, the wait is over: the Pokémon Bank is now available for all Sun and Moon fans in the 3DS eShop, which means players can transfer their Pokémon over from X and Y as well as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

What does that mean? If you have a Genesect from X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire, you can send it to your game in Sun and Moon through the Bank! You can also bring over a Genesect from Black and White Version 2, too. Now that the Bank has support for the latest release, just upload Genesect like any other Pokémon, and you should be good to go.

How to Get a Genesect

I love you too, Genesect.
I love you too, Genesect.

If you currently don't own a Genesect for any Pokémon, and you're looking for where to find a Genesect, then we have some bad news: you probably aren't going to be able to grab a Genesect any time soon.

Legitimate Genesects -- that is, a Genesect you can put into the Pokémon Bank -- are occasionally given out by Nintendo to commemorate Pokémon milestones. Previously, Pokémon X and Y as well as Pokémon Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were part of a 20th anniversary Pokémon event, where players could ask for a Genesect code at GameStop and enter in the code to download their official copy. Nintendo later renewed the opportunity for both releases in 2017, giving fans until the end of February to redeem their code.

Don't expect high interest rates, just lots of Pokémon.
Don't expect high interest rates, just lots of Pokémon.

Of course, Sun and Moon weren't part of the giveaway, but that's where the Pokémon Bank comes in.

So what if you have a Genesect in Black and White Version 2 , but not X and Y or Alpha Saphire? After all, Black and White Version 2 had an exclusive Plasma Genesect download in 2012, available via Wi-Fi. Well, here's the good news: if you only have a Genesect from Black and White Version 2, the Poké Transporter allows you to take your Genesect from the game and place it in the the Pokémon Bank. Pretty nifty, huh?

A Word of Caution

"Woah wait, I came from a GameStop? What happened to EBGames?"
"Woah wait, I came from a GameStop? What happened to EBGames?"

But yes, if you currently own a Genesect in any of the six games listed above, you can transfer it over to Pokémon Sun and Moon. But there's a catch.

First off, if you cheated to receive your Genesect, don't bother trying to put it in the Pokémon Bank. The Bank has an anti-hack detection system, so the Bank will effectively prevent you from transferring the Pokémon over. Sorry, you gotta play by the rules.

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But, even if you did get your Genesect legitimately, sometimes the Pokémon Bank can't differentiate between a hacked Pokémon and a legitimate one. Because Genesect was only available as a giveaway prize during events, this problem is not uncommon with Genesect. Occasionally, the Bank denies a Genesect upload, so if that happens to you, then there's simply no way to get Genesect from one game to another. Dang.

Could this bug be fixed over time from Nintendo? It could. As the Pokémon Bank grows more expansive and more advanced, it's very likely that Game Freak will fix up some of the rough edges around the app. But until then, it's essentially a gamble: either Genesect will go through to Sun and Moon, or it won't.

That's all for how and where to find Genesect Pokémon for Sun and Moon. Did your Genesect transfer over? If it does go through, show us your Genesect in the comments below.


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