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When it comes to crushing, oppressive darkness, it's hard to outdo the isolated countryside. There's not a streetlight in sight, no passing cars, barely any lights from windows. If you're going to go stumbling around at night, you need a way to see, especially if there's murderous cultists roaming around in the shadows.

All The Battery Locations In Outlast 2

Luckily, like most Outlast 2 gives you at least one tool to survive the dark and the that lurks within it, this time it's your trusty camera. Unfortunately that camera's night vision mode runs on batteries, and runs through them faster than a first generation iPod, so you're going to need a lot of them if you want to survive. Good job we've got a for you.

Before we begin, it should be noted that while there's no achievement tied to collecting all of the batteries, there is one tied to using your directional microphone for at least 20 minutes during the game. Which will drain a ton of power. If you're aiming for this achievement, make sure to stock up.

Note: All batteries locations are for Normal difficulty, on harder difficulty levels, some of these batteries will not be there.

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Genesis - Find Lynn

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]

Batteries #1 - First house on the right as soon as you enter the village, there's a corpse and a document in the house as well.

Batteries #2 - Once you head through a cellar and crawl under a fence, you'll see a little shack/shed nearby, the second set of batteries is inside.

Batteries #3 - In the same area as #2, there'll be a house with an open window on the left side of the arena where the witch stalks you. Climb through the window and you'll find the batteries inside.

Genesis - Find A Way Out Of Here

Batteries #4 - Once you find Lynn, you'll have a dream/hallucination sequence soon after, where you'll find yourself in a school. Follow the sign that says 'kindness' in the school hallway to find a room with a TV on a wheeled cart. It can be moved to reveal a set of batteries. Try not to think too hard about how you can use hallucination batteries in the real world.

Batteries #5 - Find a sign in the hallucination hallway that says 'self esteem' and head into the classroom to the right of it. There's a set of batteries on the teacher's desk.

Batteries #6 - In the women's bathroom to the right of a sign that says 'confidence'.

Genesis - Get To The Chapel

Batteries #7 - On the right side of Ethan's house, right after he's killed by the witch.

Batteries #8 - On the left-hand side of the flooded area outside Ethan's house.

Batteries #9 - Same area but to the right, on a bench next to a wooden bridge.

Batteries #10 - Under the windmill in the area where the villagers are searching for you with flashlights.

Batteries #11 - Same area. Next to a broken cart by the fence.

Genesis - Get Through The Barn

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]

Batteries #12 - On the ground floor of the barn, in a side room.

Genesis - Find A Path To The Village

Batteries #13 - A flash of light will kill all the birds in the area. After that, you'll find a corpse in the water with batteries next to it.

Batteries #14 - After you've slid down into a cave, you'll see a big effigy with a corpse underneath it. There's batteries by the corpse.

Genesis - Get To The Chapel

Battery #15 - After jumping off the broken staircase of a building you crawled into, turn around. There's a battery under the staircase.

Genesis - Find A Way To Start The Elevator

Batteries #16 - #21 - During this objective, you'll have to pass through a small village. Every house in this village contains a battery, so just work your way around the houses in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Genesis - Investigate The Well

Batteries #22 - Before you investigate the well, run to the back of the area to find a set of batteries by a corpse.

Genesis - Find A Way Out Of Here Pt 2.

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]

Batteries #23 - In the hallway of the hallucination, sitting on a small ladder.

Genesis - Get To The Chapel Pt. 2

Batteries #24 - Once you escape the villagers and enter a basement, you'll find a set of batteries in a side room.

Batteries #25 - Once you leave the basement, you'll come across a small village shortly after. There's an outhouse next to a barrel on fire, you'll find the batteries in the outhouse.

Batteries #26 - Climb over the fence to escape the witch, afterwards, head to the first house on the right. The batteries are inside.

Genesis - Find A Path To The Mine

Batteries #27 - Once you get chased out of the chapel and end up on top of a tower, take a look around to find the next batteries.

Batteries #28 - When you're tasked with stopping the watermill, look next to the cogwheel you need to grab.

Batteries #29 - Once you lose your pursuers by sliding down a bunch of rocks, turn to the left. There's batteries in a little shack at the end of the left side.

Batteries #30 - In the opposite direction to #29, there's a lit-up barn with a dead cow. Crawl underneath the broken boards under the lamp and grab the batteries from inside.

Genesis - Find A Way Out Of Here Pt 3.

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]

Batteries #31 - Take the left-hand path and open the first room, push aside the TV in here to find more batteries.

Batteries #32 - After you solve the hangman puzzle and get attacked by a demon a door will open up. Inside is a computer desk with batteries on it.

Job - Cross The Bridge

Batteries #33 - Behind a rock just before the bridge in the area after your hallucination.

Job - Find A Different Path To The Mine

Batteries #34 - Once you meet the sick miners, you can find a set of batteries inside their house.

Batteries #35 - Inside the house where the only hostile enemy in the area attacks. You can crawl inside through a small entrance in the back.

Batteries #36 - Further up the hill in the same area, you'll come across a house near a sick miner sitting by a tree. The batteries are inside.

Batteries #37 - After you get pushed off a cliff, check the tent on the right, crawl inside to grab the batteries.

Job - Find A Way Out Of Here

Batteries #38 - Turn right at the end of the hallucination hallway, you'll find batteries in room 112 B.

Batteries #39 - After you interact with the computer and head into the next hallway, enter room 114 B, the first on the left.

Batteries #40 - Head into room 119 B in the same hall.

Batteries #41 - Head into room 122 B in the same hall.

Job - The Crucifixion

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]

Batteries #42 - Climb up the rocks after you escape your crucifixion. Drop down and search by the campfire.

Batteries #43 - Follow the path until you come to a small hut. There's batteries inside.

Job - Find A Different Path To The Mine

Batteries #44 and #45 - Following another hallucination, you'll awaken in a room, both batteries are in here.

Batteries #46 - In another house in the same area.

Batteries #47 - In yet another house in this area.

Batteries #48 and #49 - Next to your casket after you're buried alive.

Batteries #50 - Up the hill slightly from your casket, between tall grass and large stones.

Job - Find A Rope To Go Down

Batteries #51 - Inside a house with two enemies patrolling around it.

Batteries #52 - Third house on the right in the same area.

Batteries #53 - In the house just after the one where #52 is located.

Job - Find A Way Out Of Here Pt 2

Batteries #54 and #55 - In the short underground hall through the hatch on the left side of the schoolyard.

Batteries #56 - In the cafeteria at the end of the long underground hallway through the hatch on the right side of the yard.

Lamentations - Find A Different Path To The Mine

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]

Batteries #57 - On a porch on the left, just down the hill from where you awaken after the hallucination.

Lamentations - Find A Way To Cross The Lake

Batteries #58 - On the dock on the right side when you reach the lake.

Batteries #59 - Head towards a house on the left side, hug the wall and swim until you reach a tiny island on the far left side of the lake. There's a set of batteries here.

Batteries #60 - In the house by the middle dock, you'll have to get in by entering the house next to it.

Batteries #61 - By the place where you're supposed to use the raft, you'll see two houses. The one on the left contains batteries.

Lamentations - Get Back To Your Raft

Batteries #62 - Inside the tree trunk next to where the raft crashes.

Batteries #63 - In front of a stone that says 'Love set us free' in blood, just after you push a tree over and cross it.

Lamentations - Find A Way Out Of Here

Batteries #64 - In the computer room where you find the hangman drawing.

Judges - Find A Way Out Of Here

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]

Batteries #65 - This isn't the same hallucination as #64, but the next one. When you wake up in the library, there's a door just to your left. The batteries are in the room through the door.

Batteries #66 - In a side room of the large computer room where you use the PC.

Judges - Find The Mine Entrance

Batteries #67 - After you awaken from the hallucination, head into the first building you encounter. In a very dark corner on the right-hand side of the room.

Judges - Find A Way Out Of Here Pt 2

Batteries #68 - Inside the men's room in the school hallucination.

Batteries #69 - In room 110 D in the hallways.

Batteries #70 - In room 207 B in the hallways.

Batteries #71 - In the maze of bookshelves in the library.

Judges - Find The Mine Entrance

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrel Studio]

Batteries #72 and #73 - Once you wake up from the hallucination, before you squeeze through a gap in two bookshelves, you need to climb on two pallets and look on top of a high shelf.

Batteries #74 - After you squeeze through the gap between the shelves, you'll find a battery in the room.

Batteries #75 - Following the next hallucination sequence, you'll wake up and have a brief platforming sequence and then have to push a container. In the same room as the container you'll find the batteries.

Leviticus - Find Lynn

Batteries #76 - In the room in the mines after you exit the crashed elevator. In the left corner.

Batteries #77 - Take the left path after climbing the first ladder in the mines.

Batteries #78 - Go back to where you took the left path and take the right instead, crawl through the tunnel after the skinned body.

Batteries #79 - In the cave just after #78, before you unlock the door.

Batteries #80 - Next to the cables you're meant to turn off as you try to escape the cultist boss.

Batteries #81 - Next to the second switch, on a table in the same area as #80.

Batteries #82 - Before you push the mine cart once you've escaped the cultist boss. Turn around and head to the other end of the room to find batteries.

Batteries #83 - Just through the path revealed by pushing the mine cart.

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