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Christmas is steadily approaching, folks. For better or for worse. And with the steadily approaching holiday comes a dire need for getting your palms on some damn fine gifts. That's where this little list comes in!

Do you know a gamer who happens to be a bit of a music enthusiast? And do they happen to have a turntable? More and more iconic video game scores are beginning to spring up on vinyl, with a bunch of goodies all in abundance. So what better gift could there be, besides the game itself, obviously?

Video Game Soundtracks Vinyl Boxsets For Xmas

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For The Nostalgist

Killer Instinct - Killer Cuts

Still as fist-pumpingly tense as it was the first time over 20 years ago, 's soundtrack is 90s-pop culture and futuristic hyper-violence personified and, you know what, it actually still stands up. If your tongue is firmly stuck in the corner of your mouth at least.


  • 1xLP
  • Full digital soundtrack

Banjo & Kazooie

Easily one of the N64's greatest games, relive the boundless fun of Rare's classic with its utterly mad soundtrack. Cute, crazy and quintessentially British, the vinyl pressing is perfect right down to its hilariously accurate cover image. Don't miss out! Or do. It's up to you I guess.


Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack

Recorded straight from arcade boards of old, the unforgettable soundtrack to one of the most iconic fighting games ever made spinning bird kicks its way into your ears through this stunning collection. The boxset contains four LPs of varying colors, and it even includes an essay from the original composer. How cool is that?


  • 4xLP - multi-colored
  • Art prints

For The Action Hero

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

There are few heroic fanfares as heroic as Greg Edmonson's rousing ode to Nathan Drake and his epic log of adventures. Famed for its stirring action and genius set pieces, the music of Uncharted is as important a character as Drake himself. And now you can own it on vinyl and treasure it as you would a coin from Shambhala.


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Legitimately one of the greatest DLC spin-off titles since 's Undead Nightmare, Power Glove's kickass 80s-synthwave soundtrack will literally dropkick you back to 1986 where hair was big and one-liners were even bigger. If you loved the game and have a turntable...what are you waiting for?


  • 2xLP (pink pressing is rarer than black)
  • VHS cover inlay
  • Download code for digital soundtrack

Far Cry 4

Just to highlight the pull of making music for video games, this BAFTA-winning soundtrack was created by part-time Nicolas Winding Refn co-conspirator, Cliff Martinez, who penned the scores for Drive, Only God Forgives and The Neon Demon. This soundtrack is stunning, smooth, ethereal and bloody gorgeous to look at.


  • 3xLP - triple color
  • Download card
  • Bonus material

For The Sci-Fi Enthusiast

No Man's Sky

Though the game may have totally flopped, the sole thing still has going for it is its incredible score. Created by post-rock legends 65daysofstatic, the soundtrack is one of the most astonishing things you'll hear this year. And one of the most sublime vinyl boxsets for a game, with artwork and beautifully designed pressings.


  • 1x180g LP

FTL: Advanced Edition

I can imagine running and maintaining a starship is quite the difficult task in itself without the distraction of pumping, celestial beats. Thankfully has one of the chillest, most ambient soundtracks on this list. Warm, round, beepy and dizzyingly tense in places, being lost in space has never sounded so apt.


  • 1x180g LP
  • Download card
  • Metallic foil sleeve


is by far one of this year's most pulsating titles, and with that intensity must come an utterly inspiring vinyl release. Pressed onto a picture disc, Iam8bit has ripped the beautiful aesthetics from the game and somehow captured the sheer magic in one circular piece.


  • Game code (PSN - redeemable only in North America | Steam - region free)
  • Picture disc
  • Art by Robert Beatty

For The Eclectic Mind


One of the greatest soundtracks to one of the greatest games, Austin Wintory's sublime and seminal score finds new life on two picture disc LPs that display the pilgrim and their scarf dancing through the game's wonderful vistas. The boxset also comes with art inspired by the game.


  • 2xLP - picture discs
  • Art by Mark Englert

Monument Valley

The geometric, pastel-colored awesomeness of shines even brighter with its sublime OST. Full of ambient, sweeping and beepy numbers, the score really hits home the scale of the puzzles little Ida must encounter.


  • 2x180g LP
  • New artwork
  • Digital soundtrack

Rocket League

And if you're currently addicted to this, the most addictive of games, then what better gift would there be than a vinyl pressing? Now you can get your pumping synth fix when your console or PC isn't turned on!


  • 3xLP
  • Includes both volumes
  • Art by Dan Bronsema

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