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The choice of new heroes in the latest Star Wars Battlefront Death Star expansion is no accident. On the Rebel side is the all too familiar Wookie with a shagpile of good looks, Chewbacca. On the Imperial side is the feared and respected Trandoshan bounty hunter, Bossk.

Unknown to many, both of these characters have a long and turbulent history with each other in the Star Wars universe. Their inclusion in the expansion cleverly dives into this history and has us exploring everything we can about Bossk.

Bossk’s Cinematic Debut Was Alongside Boba Fett as a Bounty Hunter

In 1980, Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, cinematically introduced the world to Bossk – we get our first short peek of Bossk's reptilian face at 0:19 in the above video. His placement as one of the six bounty hunters chosen by Darth Vader to capture the Millennium Falcon was in part due to a long rivalry Bossk had between both Chewbacca and Han Solo.

Years before the events of Empire, Bossk had tried to capture Chewbacca, and a group of other Wookies, after he stumbled upon them by chance while the Wookie's were taking refuge.

Bossk hates Wookies so much that he would torture them by skinning them alive in a dedicated torture room on his ship, which is more than a little creepy ("put the lotion in the basket or else the Wookie gets the hose again"). Before he could torture and skin Chewie and a group of Wookies, Bossk’s ship was crushed by the Millennium Falcon. From then on, Bossk was always on the prowl for the pair.

I remember the first time I saw Bossk's three scaly toes curved over the balcony on Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer. That particular scene from Empire Strikes Back, is one of the most iconic throughout the whole movie. It easily depicts the change in tone from A New Hope, by showing the dark, and determined desire of the Imperial Empire to seek their revenge on the Rebels.

Bossk Took In Boba Fett After the Clone Wars, But They Eventually Became Rivals

Bossk and young Boba Fett, Via Lucas Film's Clone Wars (2008)
Bossk and young Boba Fett, Via Lucas Film's Clone Wars (2008)

Bossk is more widely known because of his involvement in the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series. Bossk became young Boba Fett's mentor in the series, after he became an orphan following the death of his father Jango Fett by Jedi Master Mace Windu in the Clone Wars movie. Their partnership sought revenge for Jango's death, by attempting to later kill Mace Windu.

This act failed, and resulted in them being incarcerated in a Republic detention centre on Coruscant. During this time, Bossk continued his protection and mentoring of Boba Fett until they eventually escaped.

Their bond however, did not last, and overtime they became rivals, and especially competitive in their employment to Darth Vader in Empires Strike Back.

Bossk's 'Star Wars Battlefront' Abilities

Bossk is a natural born hunter after being born the son of Cradossk, who was the leader of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild. Bossk’s hunting instincts will be used to great effect in Battlefront to make the most of his violent inclination to kill Wookies.

These abilities and weapons will make Bossk a deadly adversary throughout the battle.

1. Predatory Instincts

Bossk’s years of experience hunting and killing, this boost allows him to seek out enemies and friends alike through a form of heat vision. During these instances of hightened abilities, he will also have faster cooldowns, increased damage, and increased sprinting speed.

2. Trandoshan Regeneration

Bossk is a never-say-never kind of Trandoshan. Because of his tenacity to never quit, he gains the ability to regenerate health when inflicting damage on a hero or killing a Rebel soldier.

3. Micro-Grenades

Bossk's gun of choice is the Relby-v10, but with some added kick. The gun can be switched to Micro-Grenade mode, which then fires bursts of small grenades. The grenades will explode regardless after a few seconds, so some strategically fired shots could have your enemies walking into a whole lot of exploding chaos.

4. Toxic Escape

The phrase: “whoever spoke last, set off the blast,” will have added meaning with this nasty surprise from Bossk. When Bossk drops his deadly Dioxis Grenade, he will proceed to leap into the air away from its destructive radius. If you are on the receiving end of this grenade be warned, even heroes will suffer significant damage after feeling its effects.

Bossk Will Be Known

The rivalry between Bossk and the galactic duo of Han Solo and Chewbacca is legendary, even if understated in the movies. Both Bossk and Chewbacca’s characters in Star Wars Battlefront have been designed to provide complementary and balanced gameplay as storied foes.

Even though Bossk was not techincally involved in the Battle for the Death Star in A New Hope, his involvement in the greater Star Wars universe gives him the necessary credentials to show down with Chewie in this Battlefront expansion.

EA has really given some thought to this latest expansion in an attempt to showcase all this game has to offer. Everyone’s favorite will easily be Chewbacca, but if you like playing as the Imperials and love the extended Star Wars lore, then Bossk will be a treat.

What other lesser-known Star Wars characters do you want to see make appearances in Battlefront?


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