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Yes, you can fly while carrying a handful of helpless citizens as you soar above the city below. When boredom finds you, you can let the citizens fall or toss them off the edge of the floating city. You're evil for even thinking it — but you know you're going to try. You could also just set them back down where you found them and be a good citizen yourself. Why do you have these powers? Because of a cat named Dusty.

What Is Gravity Rush?

first debuted on the PlayStation Vita in 2012 before coming to the PS4 in a remastered version in early 2016. The game follows protagonist Kat, who lost her memory and ends up in the floating city of Hekseville, where she meets a feline that gives her magical gravity-defying powers. Yes it's a little strange. And it doesn't stop from getting stranger still. I mean, you end up going inside an old man who has rifts to another dimension!

What does Kat do after obtaining her powers? She fights monsters called the Nevi and learns to become a productive citizen of Hekseville. She ends up meeting another gravity shifter named Raven, and has to learn to live with someone who's much like her.

Clockwise, top left: Dusty the cat, old man Gade, Nevi the evil monsters and Raven the gravity shifter.
Clockwise, top left: Dusty the cat, old man Gade, Nevi the evil monsters and Raven the gravity shifter.

So once you settle into Kat's new environment, you can perform various side missions that bestow her with upgrades to make her more fluid in traveling across the city, more powerful in combat, or gift her with new powers of gravity.

Gravity Rush is humorous and outright different. It has a unique feel that's brought to life through several story elements. The main missions are told through a comic book-style narration, with each scene flowing like you're turning the page of a comic. Its been done before, but for Gravity Rush this style sets the tone of the world. Also, having the main character be new to her environment makes for some interesting interactions and plenty of laughs.

Kat's first adventure left much of the story hanging. While it wrapped up some elements nicely, the door was wide open so that we could wholeheartedly dive back into this strange world.

Why Are We Rushing To A Sequel?

The element of fun is what drove me to keep playing through the first Gravity Rush. Manipulating gravity and zooming through the city was endlessly enjoyable. There is something that feels fantastic about wielding such powers. Traveling throughout the city from one mission to the next — something that in most games is so mundane — became flat-out fun. Some of my favorite moments in the game were rushing past citizens while I collected the gems scattered throughout the city.

Dropping mid-flight, plummeting down to the middle of a crowded street only to activate your gravity power a moment before you crash to the ground — it never got old for me. The thought of being able to soar through a city again has my blood pumping already!

New Powers Mean Better Combat

Kat's new Jupiter Power in action.
Kat's new Jupiter Power in action.

While Gravity Rush nailed the feel and joy of traversal, the combat was decidedly lackluster. Fighting in Gravity Rush became quickly repetitive. Even when Kat became fully upgraded, her combat techniques were limited. The main missions focused on combat, which became a little tiresome when not having an array of ways to dispatch the Nevi.

is looking to fix those complaints. We already know that there will be two knew types of power: Lunar and Jupiter. Lunar will be more focused on agile and light attacks, while Jupiter will be the heavy, strong attacks. Already the developers are invested in making the combat more fluid with just these simple additions to Kat's arsenal.

The PS4 Specifically Means More Robust Areas

Since the first Gravity Rush was developed on the Playstation Vita (still a good handheld device) the game was held back in some respects. Even the Remastered version was more of a port than the original game. The Vita version has been dropped and developers are now working solely on the PS4 game.

I usually don't like when games are excluded from the handheld market, but for an action adventure like Gravity Rush 2, this is exactly what it needs. Focus should be aimed at what made the first iteration enjoyable and capitalize on those aspects. Dedicating to one system gives the developers the time to narrow the scope of how to get the game running on both systems, and expands it by not having to sacrifice areas in which the Vita couldn't keep up.

We have a big, beautiful, quirky world to explore on the PS4 come January 20, 2017. I look forward to once again traversing the skies as Kat.

Will you be playing Gravity Rush 2? Let me know what you think of the series in the comments below.


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