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Assassins Creed: Origins is a fresh start to the decade-long Assassin's Creed franchise, reintroducing major mechanics in the process and exploring the origin story of the Assassin order. We got to see some cool new elements in the gameplay demo during Xbox’s briefing yesterday, and it looks pretty badass.

Since Ubisoft is reshaping with an origin tale, that means anything is possible for the next chapter. The next game in the series could take the brotherhood to Feudal Japan, because it's a monumental part of history, and it's a perfect fit for the franchise. 's new elements all point to a Japanese setting for the follow up installment to Origins.

Feudal Japan May Be Obvious, But It's Important To The Universe

Assassin’s Creed has always built their stories around famous historical settings, with famous historical figures included. It’s fun to interact with Leonardo DaVinci and Charles Dickens while killing Templars from the shadows. Adding a Japanese background with famous figures like Hattori Hanzo would be a nice touch.

Origins Producer Julien Laferriere said that Egypt was a fan favorite location, while being a setting the team really wanted to play in. Fans of the franchise had widely spoken about their opinions on having a Assassin's Creed game set in Japan, but Ubisoft said that it would be too familiar. Despite their thoughts, the world of Assassin's Creed needs the feuding wars in Japan. Including samurai and ninjas would feel organic in a story about Assassins and Templars, and the new mechanics are perfect ingredients for a Japanese setting.

Origins' New RPG Elements Enhances A Japanese Setting

I’m excited for the new elements in Assassin’s Creed. The new mechanics in Unity and Syndicate didn’t do it for me. Origins is completely going for the RPG Action element. In the Demo, we saw our new Assassin, Bayek, grab a fallen enemy’s bow, and it appeared to be stronger than his, so he kept it. The feel of the game feels much like and , which is a wonderful thing.

Feudal Japan is a no-brainer, it has Assassin's Creed written all over it. There could be Robin Hood-type ninjas, corrupt samurai, and shoguns ruling with an iron fist. It’s all there.

Origins’ skill tree is now a major feature that will benefit the player's style, and we would want to see that element mix up conventions with ancient warriors. We could be playing completely different combatants, whether as a samurai or ninja. The new RPG elements would coincide with the story perfectly.

The New Fighting System in Origins Could Evolve Into A Better Mechanic In A Japanese Setting

It would be fun to play a ninja in an Assassin’s Creed game. The outfits would be more than just look awesome, it could work as RPG gear to benefit the new fighting system introduced in Origins. From what we saw in the demo, the fighting looks less predictable. Ubisoft stated that there are plenty of weapons to choose from that will work with the player’s style. This would be a lot of fun playing as a ninja or samurai, figuring out whether to wield a sword or to completely evade the fight using theatricality and deception. You could practically be an ancient Batman.

Weapons are more important this time around, for they are now upgradeable. Ninjas and samurai both require a mechanic that enhances weaponry. The game could even introduce blacksmiths that deal with certain types of Japanese steel. did wonderful with that element, making us doubt which weapon is suitable for which occasion.

may have stated that they wouldn’t do a Japanese setting, but with the new elements in Origins, it’s hard not to think about it. The culture is a perfect background, the historical figures are a delight, and you get to be a ninja.


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