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As if it wasn't enough that Fruit Ninja will soon be a major motion picture or that Angry Birds is getting a sequel and its own theme park in China, CBS announced that Candy Crush will be a live action game show on their network.

As the game is currently described: Teams of two will "use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous interactive game boards" in an arena that features "next-generation technology."

I'd take a guess that they have to match three candies in a row, and it will be exciting somehow.

If People Are Competing Live in a Video Game, That's an ESport.

The bigger issue here is how some Call of Duty and League of Legends fans are about to have heart attacks because Candy Crush is basically going to be a widely televised eSport. The hardcore eSport community might have some trouble absorbing the news that their Aunt Marlene might be the next eSports champ when she is crowned the Candy Crush Champion.

Because if you really look at it, Candy Crush the game show qualifies as an eSport.

  • It's a game.
  • It's electronic.
  • It takes skill.
  • There's a competition.
  • It's broadcast.
  • And there is a prize (presumably) awarded to the winner.
  • BAM! eSport!

No longer are eSports the exclusive venue of the young and dexterous with leisure time to burn. It's now expanding to the casual mobile set and even now the television industry wants a piece of that.

The Big Business of Candy Crushing

And before you scoff, remember that Activision Blizzard, makers of your fine Call of Duty franchise, laid out almost $6 billion for the makers of Candy Crush earlier this year due to the game's popularity. Over 18 billion levels are played every month between the game and its sequel Candy Crush Soda.

So, don't turn your nose up at the idea that a dirty casual mobile game may count as an eSport – an eSport doesn't need to involve kill counts, Twitch streaming, or LAN parties. Everyone has their own joy, and there are more games than shooters and MOBAs.

If it's matching candy, recreating WWI, taking towers, or playing a demon elf, it can all count as an eSport. Especially when what's a stake is a BRAND NEW CAR! (Or maybe a nice set of flatware.)

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