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Doomfist is officially a playable hero in , but there's so much more to him than meets the eye. The clues for his return have been leading up for months, trickling in slowly with reports of attacks and his gauntlet stolen from the payload in-game. But why does he matter in the context of the game? What's so important about this character?

Doomfist was always a mysterious entity, a name passing from person to person as a title rather than being a specific individual. There have been three Doomfists in Overwatch history and we're currently dealing with the third one, nicknamed 'The Successor'. Doomfist has been in the game since day one; our first inkling of him was in the game's cinematic trailer when the boys used the gauntlet at the museum. Theories were put that the second Doomfist was the one defeated by Winston long ago in Overwatch history and whose gauntlet was on display, but the debut of the third Doomfist revealed that it was he instead.

He's One Of Talon's Leaders

Sombra fitting the various clues and relationships together.
Sombra fitting the various clues and relationships together.

Akande Ogundimu started out as the athletic and talented son of a wealthy Nigerian family who owned a prosthetic-technology company. After losing his arm in the aftermath of the Omnic Crisis, Ogundimu was picked up by Akinjide Adeyemi, the second Doomfist and Scourge of Numbani. Whereas the first Doomfist had been The Savior during the Omnic Crisis, the second Doomfist was working with Talon.

Without his martial arts or competitions, disqualified through the use of his new cybernetic arm, Ogundimu turned his business talents and charisma to Talon instead. He eventually killed his mentor Adeyemi and took the mantle of Doomfist. Ogundimu rose through the ranks of Talon, finding them in line with his own beliefs that the world would only evolve through conflict. His lasting legacy and grand vision was a plan to throw the world into another wide-reaching war.

Winston Put Him In Jail

Doomfist and Winston battle head-on.
Doomfist and Winston battle head-on.

Before that could happen, he was defeated by Overwatch's strike team. Winston, Tracer, and Genji went after him, though he broke Tracer's chronal accelerator in the process.

Doomfist eventually fell to Winston and was imprisoned in a maximum-security facility while his gauntlet was put on display in the Overwatch Museum. He's been waiting there all this time for events to play out. Now that he's back, he can once again put into motion a conflict that could tear the world apart.

The Lore Is Going To Ramp Up

One of Talon's most prominent leaders is back.

Doomfist's story says that he waited, patiently, in that maximum-security cell, before punching his way through the wall when he felt like the time was right for his return. It seems he could have escaped at any point, yet chose now, when his plans can be put into motion more readily, to return.

Overwatch was meant to usher in peace after the resolution of the Omnic Crisis. Instead they were torn apart by conflicts from the inside as Overwatch leaders Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, better known as Soldier 76 and Reaper, butted heads. After an explosion at an Overwatch facility, the peace-keeping organization was forcibly disbanded. The Petras Act made any unauthorized Overwatch activity illegal.

Winston views reports about ever-increasing turmoil.
Winston views reports about ever-increasing turmoil.

Now there is no one to impede Talon. The world is ripe with chaos and conflict for Doomfist's return. Formerly one of Overwatch's best, Reaper is also working with Talon and helped Doomfist escape, after trying to steal his gauntlet back several times in both the opening cinematic and the Numbani payload in-game.

The Overwatch lore has mostly been in a sort of flashback stage as we pieced together the story of Overwatch or catching up with the cast of heroes. Now it moves forward with Doomfist at its head, a catalyst of destruction.

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