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You gotta hand it to Rockstar Games. All they have to do is tweet a red version of their usually yellow logo for the internet to completely lose its mind. And even though basically everyone assumed this was their way of teasing a new Red Dead game, Rockstar decided to take it one step further today and tweet the above image.

But uhh... what exactly is so exciting about this? As a non-Red Dead player, I had to do a bit of digging to figure out what all the hubbub was about.

First, It's Been A While Since We've Seen A New 'Red Dead'

Admittedly, the Red Dead series — which released its first game in 2004 and its second in 2010 — doesn't have as big a gap between titles as, say, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 or the in-your-dreams Half-Life 3, but it's still been a solid six-and-a-half years since Red Dead Redemption.

And while the first Red Dead game was good, the second was (apparently) incredible. It's made several "best game of all time" lists, and has been met with universal praise.

Second, It's Sort Of Like A Wild West 'Grand Theft Auto'

If Grand Theft Auto was never your style, then this one might not matter. But if you've ever played one of the GTA games and thought, "Hey, this is kind of fun!" before also wondering if you should feel bad about what you're doing, then the Red Dead series might be your thing.

After all, both series are from Rockstar Games and feature an open-world style of exploration. The difference being that one takes place in more modern times and the other takes place in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

If that comparison doesn't work, then TV buffs might do well thinking about it as a the closest thing to Westworld — you know, that crazy-awesome new HBO show — that the gaming world currently has to offer.

Third, The Internet Really Likes Puzzles And Teasers

Let's face it, teasers and alternate-reality games are all the rage nowadays. Granted, this isn't nearly at the level of Overwatch's crazy Sombra ARG — (coming to fruition tomorrow maybe?) — but it's still doing a damn good job of hyping the internet.

The teasers, at this point, seem pretty obviously pointing toward something related to the Red Dead series — face it, if we don't get Red Dead news after this, gamers will riot. But a few questions do remain and it's interesting to see what fans are hoping for.

Will we see a brand new title in the series? Or is this teasing a remastered version of one or both of the previous titles? Most importantly, when the heck are you gonna tell us what this means, Rockstar?! I suppose only time will tell at this point.

What do you hope Rockstar is teasing with these images?


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