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Forget about Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake, is releasing a freaking console Dissidia game. Dissidia means a Final Fantasy fighting game. It's Square Enix's version of Super Smash Bros. I love Final Fantasy and I love the Dissidia games so when the trailer was released confirming the rumored PS4 release, I lost it.

No better title could have come for the franchise's 30th anniversary and if you haven't​ seen the glorious announcement trailer yet, be sure to do so below.

The characters, the arenas, the gameplay, and of course the music, is all part of the hype machine to convince me to lose myself in a game I'm convinced is tailored purposely to rip me away from the outside world. I'm willing to sell my soul to this game — heck, I'll even finally join Plus.

Having played the PSP Dissidia games for well over 400 hours and having watched hours of gameplay for the Japanese arcade version NT was born from: I already know Dissidia NT is everything I could ever want.

I Still Haven't Seen All The Previous Dissidia Games Have To Offer

I occasionally find myself returning to my PSP to play more Dissidia Duodecim. Even after the 100+ hours I've spent on the game I still find myself making progress, discovering new accessories, and taking on more difficult challenges. The game has no shortage of depth. And that's why I'm so hyped for this new one.

In Dissidia you're always progressing, always finding new ways to make your character stronger. Be it gaining XP to boost stats or Gil to purchase better equipment, character progression was a focus, or rather an addiction. I just had to be the very best. Thankfully, all of that is confirmed to return with NT.

The previous games featured story modes, however they were borderline fan fiction in terms of quality. might be able to fix the series' greatest flaw as NT will feature a full-length story penned by Kazushige Nojima whose credits entail: VII Remake and the original, XV, X, and Kingdom Hearts I and II.

An Accessible Fighting Game That Allowed Me To Be A Pro

I enjoy my fighters. I'm a fan of Dead or Alive 5, grew up on Soul Calibur (when it was good), and even dabbled into Marvel Vs. Capcom, but all of them required me to memorize complex finger-busting combos to stay on top. With , that was never necessary.

And that's how you play Dissidia [Credit: Square Enix]
And that's how you play Dissidia [Credit: Square Enix]

The action is about spacial awareness and properly executed attacks. You move around large arenas either rushing towards opponents or dodging attacks. All you ever need to keep in mind is when to hit X or when to press Square. Like an RPG, the controls are simple, the complexity stems from the mechanics.

It's simple but the depth comes from pre-battle prep such as equipped armor and weapons boosting damage dealt and received. Accessories that serve as damage multipliers under specific conditions such as distance from an opponent or time passed. You can even select what attacks to equip from a finite amount of slots and when you go to attack the direction of the joystick plus X or Square determines what attack you'll perform.

Trust me it's addicting. I'm ready to put in another 400 hours doing it all over again on console in three vs three battles. Not to mention the game's director has interest in taking Dissidia NT into eSports.

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

Dissidia Is Everything A Final Fantasy Fan Could Ever Want

A Final Fantasy fighting game, nuff said? What more could a fan ever really want. The last games were pure fan service and a joy to play over and over again. The gameplay was near perfect and yet was able to be improved upon with Duodecim and now with TN being developed by Team Ninja. It's going to be amazing, they're adding more characters to the roster including 's Noctis, and hopefully some of my picks please?

Dissidia NT is a celebration​ of all things Final Fantasy. From the wide range of characters spanning even Tactics and Type-0, the collection of music, arenas representing popular locations across 30 years of the franchise, and of course dream match ups coming to life. It's all a fan like me could ever want! I can and will finally team up Lightning, Squall, and to prove to the world that this group of moody individuals make up the most powerful characters in the series. And I will kick your ass with that team in the most epic of brawls. This game can't come soon enough!

Are you looking forward to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? Who will be your team?


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