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It's not often that a classic game like Monopoly gets any sort of major make-over — well, outside of the various fandom-inspired Monopoly sets. Looking at you, Star Wars Monopoly!

In January of 2017, Hasbro hosted the "Monopoly Token Madness" internet voting event, where every single classic token piece was up to be replaced. Yeah, you heard right: Hasbro allowed an internet poll to decide the fate of this 82-year-old classic board game.

And, in the end, the internet decided to replace the classic thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow tokens with T-Rex, rubber duck, and penguin tokens.

[Credit: Hasbro]
[Credit: Hasbro]

As we all know, the internet is GREAT at making collective decisions. Just... great. At least the Monopoly poll didn't go full Internet like it has in the past.

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But The Internet Came Through This Time. Somehow.

[Credit: Hasbro]
[Credit: Hasbro]

All things considered, these three winners are actually pretty solid choices. Above is the full collection of options that were available in the Token Madness poll, including a few cringeworthy ones:

  • A hashtag
  • a thumbs up
  • two different boots
  • several awkward smiley face emojis
  • a sandal
  • a 1980s cell phone
  • a vespa scooter
  • actual sliced bread

So, yeah. A T-Rex, rubber duck, and penguin — while still goofy, and lacking any relevance to capitalism (barring Jurassic Park) — feels like mercy. Good job, Internet!

These three new tokens join the surviving legacy line-up of tokens: cat, dog, hat, racecar, and boat.

[Credit: Hasbro]
[Credit: Hasbro]

The Internet Reacts, And Mourns

So far the reaction to the new pieces has been fairly mixed. Some hate the changes, some love the new tokens. Some people are mostly just confused about what a dinosaur has to do with capitalism at all.


What do you think about the new Monopoly tokens?


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