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Telltale's Batman: The Telltale Series game is an amazing ride. Whether you are a fan of the character from the movies or have stuck around with him in his various other forms of entertainment, the game's storyline isn't afraid to take risks and gives us a new, much-needed fresh take on the Dark Knight's world.

Episode 2 was released last week. Because of the power it bestows upon us when it comes to choices, the characters we know and love from the comic books and other forms of media might not go through the same journey in Telltale's world. So, if you are planning to pick up the game or simply want to know what's going on with the story, here are the winners and losers from Episode 2:

The Winners In Episode 2

1. Oswald Cobblepot

Oswald Cobblepot in Telltale's Batman series
Oswald Cobblepot in Telltale's Batman series

As a character in the comics, Oswald is mostly one-dimensional so it is a nice surprise to see Telltale actually give him a reason for being who he is: His family is destroyed. Without money, Cobblepot longs for a revolution in Gotham City. This leads him to crash the public debate between Harvey Dent and Mayor Hill. There, Oswald plays a video showing Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father) and Hill standing in front of his mother, tied to a hospital bed. In order to take her possessions, they drug her and make her mentally unstable for life. What completely got to me was hearing Oswald's mother beg Thomas Wayne to let her go and saying their children played together.

Oswald then kills Hill and, depending on what you choose (more on that below), he burns half of Harvey Dent's face. After this, he manages to escape. In the end, he gets revenge on the men who ruined his life by killing one and tarnishing the reputation of the other's son. While you don't condone what he does, in a way you understand Oswald's motivation: He lost everyone he loved because of power-hungry individuals.

2. Selina Kyle (Depending on your choice)

Selina Kyle in Telltale's Batman series
Selina Kyle in Telltale's Batman series

Selina is a tricky character to be called a winner, as her fate depends on you: If you save Harvey over her, she will be shot in the shoulder and escape, barely able to walk. But, if you save her, she comes out of that unscathed and goes with Bruce to Wayne Manor. Because the latter was the decision I made, I'm putting this ending in the "winners" section.

Selina is a self-made woman. In the game, it's easy to see she's used to a hostile environment. However, she recognizes Bruce Wayne as someone she can finally trust and their relationship is built over the course of the two episodes. Being saved by Batman at the end of the episode finally shows her she does have a friend she can lean on when things get rough.

1. The Children of Arkham

The leader of the Children of Arkham
The leader of the Children of Arkham

Right now, we don't know who The Children of Arkham are or who their (very) creepy leader is. In fact, they were just introduced. Yet somehow, thanks in part to Oswald Cobblepot, they're already succeeding in their plan for revenge against Gotham's most prominent residents. This win will surely give them strength when they return to terrorize the city. The question now remains: Who are these people? Could they be a version of the Court of Owls?

The Losers In Episode 2

1. Carmine Falcone

After Batman left him hanging from the outside of his own building or impaled him (depending of how angry you were when playing Episode 1), Falcone was arrested and put in the infirmary. Bruce Wayne goes to pay him a visit to ask about his parents' assassination and Falcone fleshes out a bit more of his relationship with Thomas Wayne and how close they were. He even tells Bruce he inherited his mother's kindness.

It also turns out that he wasn't the man who hired Joe Chill to kill the Waynes. But, just as he's about to spill the beans on who did, two bullets to the heart and chest from an unknown assailant end his life, leaving Bruce in the dark as to who killed his parents. Now, Falcone will not be able to terrorize Gotham another day.

2. Mayor Hill

Mayor Hill was running Gotham City alongside Thomas Wayne and Carmine Falcone. As it turns out, he was also the one who ordered Thomas and Martha Wayne's assassination. However, as I mentioned before, he was one of the men who ruined Oswald Cobblepot's life by getting rid of his parents to take their land. In case it wasn't clear or you skipped that part above, Cobblepot shows up during a debate for Mayor and... well, let's just say Batman isn't able to save Hill.

3. Harvey Dent (Depending on your choice)

Harvey Dent is a surprisingly likable character that doesn't have his destiny as a villain foreshadowed every five seconds *cough* Gotham *cough*... Excuse me. But, as Batman fans, we know his ultimate fate. In the game, his transformation is entirely up to you and remarkably surprising.

During Cobblepot's assault on their debate, you are given two choices: Save Selina or save Harvey. If you don't save him first, The Penguin burns half his face off and sets him on his path as Two-Face. If you do save him first, he is just beaten up by Penguin and ends up in the hospital. While that doesn't seem like much, Bruce Wayne still talks about Dent being scarred in the aftermath. So Harvey belongs on this list regardless of your choice.

4. Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne has been taking a beating throughout the game and just can't get a break. While in the first episode it seemed like his parents' supposed ties to the mob were invented rumors in a scheme to ruin the young billionaire, in Episode 2, he receives the terrible confirmation from Alfred Pennyworth that they were, in fact, criminals.

This blow isn't just to his emotional state but also to his public persona. The public now knows how the Wayne fortune was built and they're tearing Bruce apart for it. Even his trusted friend, Harvey Dent, steers clear and publicly criticizes Bruce for the benefit of his own public image. He is running for Mayor of Gotham, after all. On top of that, all of Bruce's leads to find out who ordered the hit on his parents are literally cold. Ouch!

There you have it. Those are the winners and losers from Telltale's Batman, Episode 2. Will the tables flip during the next episode? So far, I am loving the way it's changing Batman's mythology and giving it a much needed spin, which in turn, makes the game's storyline unpredictable and much more exciting.

Did you enjoy this episode? Did you save Harvey or Selina?

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