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2015 saw two RPGS emerge on top: CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3 and Bethesda's Fallout 4. Both masterful in their own right, these two developers have sought to increase the worth of their respective IPs with tons of DLC since launch. We salute them. But after all of these months with the games, their mods, their campaigns, and various expansions, which RPG stands on top in 2016? Let's take a look.

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Fallout 4

Bethesda has taken a peculiar approach to DLC with Fallout 4. First off, they announced that the price of the Season Pass would be raised for those that purchased it after a certain date due to the fact that they underestimated how much content they'd created. "This is worth way more than $60," they said to themselves. "F*** you," was a popular response. But so far we've only seen snippets of what will eventually be included in the inevitable Game of the Year release. The DLC for Fallout 4 hasn't exactly shown us why Bethesda raised their prices, though.

  • Automatron - The first paid expansion, coming in at $9.99, introduced a new story mission and the ability to mod your own custom robot companions. With the option to chose their own voices, style and whether they deserve a lightning chain gun attached to their crotch, Automatron introduced a lot of fun into the Wasteland.
  • Wasteland Workshop - A minor and pretty average release, Wasteland Workshop allowed players to design and set cages to capture live creatures, which can be tamed and then set against other people or enemies in gladiator-style battles. You also received some new designs and items for you settlements, like new bulbs... Unfortunately this really didn't grab my attention and the DLC was poorly received by numerous critics.
  • Far Harbor - But then Bethesda whipped out the main event and we're all pretty impressed with what they've been hiding. Far Harbor is the kind of DLC that anyone who enjoys Fallout 4 was hoping for. A whole new area, a great new campaign, loose ends being tied up, new weapons, new enemies and buckets of water. SWEET!

Aside from its DLC releases, Fallout 4 has become the first game to include mods on consoles with the Xbox One having kicked off the new feature earlier this week. So we're looking at a delightful, glitchy adventure with 3 DLC expansions, tons of mods and a captivating open world. Pretty damn solid RPG, folks. But what about good old Geralt?

The Witcher 3

CD Projekt RED have elected to support The Witcher 3 with a more old-school style of DLC release plan. Aside from the 16 free DLC pieces that dropped for The Wild Hunt since its release date just over a year ago, RED have created two large story-based expansions to elaborate on Geralt's adventures and world.

  • Hearts of Stone - At a reasonable $9.99, this DLC can last for up to 13 hours of pure elation. Take a trip over to Metacritic and you'll see critics and users alike tripping over one another to shower RED with the most affection. Serious heavy petting, peeps. It tells a story set apart from the events of Wild Hunt, and introduces new characters, items, weapons, and locations. It's basically the perfect DLC, or at least it was up until...
  • Blood and Wine - This one. 92 on Metacritic. Over 20 hours of gameplay. Taking players to a whole new area based off of the South of France, Toussaint is a vibrant land brimming with new quests, powerful enemies and so many new characters to interact with. It's any RPG fan's dream in terms of DLC and it only contributes to the overall value of The Witcher 3. Which is basically like paying $60 for a horse and getting an elephant with it for free - they'll eat up a lot of your time but the fun you'll have, man. I think I need sleep...

So then, what's the verdict? Yes it's true, Fallout 4 has been out for a shorter period of time and Bethesda have yet to roll out all of the DLC they've planned for this RPG. But even if we only had Hearts of Stone and Bethesda had all 3 of their DLC packs out, The Witcher 3 would claim the top spot for best RPG of 2015/2016. The base game is exceptional and I really can't see a better RPG on the horizon than what CD Projekt RED gifted us with Geralt's last hoorah!

But what do you think? Are you a Fallout 4 fan?

What was 2015's best RPG for you?


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