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was the dark horse hit of the franchise. Originally a minor mini-game in The Witcher 3, players loved the in-universe card game so much, CD PROJEKT began development on a standalone Gwent title. Gwent entered a closed beta phase earlier this year, but as of today, Gwent is officially in open beta.

If you want to give the Gwent beta a spin, you can head over to the game's official website.

Along with the open beta, Gwent has released its cinematic trailer. Rather than leaning on the more goofball concepts presented by fellow digital card game , Gwent places its trailer square within the world of The Witcher: Geralt and Ciri in a tavern, up to their old violent shenanigans.

The trailer's animation is gorgeous, both in terms of its CGI and the illustrations peppered throughout.

Of course, while the trailer certainly plays up its fan service, they seemingly weren't able (or couldn't be bothered) to get Ciri's voice actress into the recording studio for a single word. Whoever voices Ciri's bizarre ya! toward the end of the trailer is most certainly not Ciri.

Even though The Witcher's trilogy has concluded, the franchise is still poised to remain at the forefront of our minds. With Gwent only just now entering its open beta and a Witcher Netflix series in production, buckle up: There's plenty of witching to be done.

Will you be checking out the 'Gwent' public beta?


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