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It's 1961. As I walk down the street I can hear soft laughter as two German officers pass by. It's been nearly 13 years since Hitler's forces won. This society is much different than the one we now know. I've seen those who were once proud American patriots now walk the streets in fear alongside German officers and their mechanical beasts.

In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, the upcoming from Bethesda Softworks, we learn of an alternate history in which we lost WW2. It's a war that could have been changed by minor circumstances, such as the Japanese Imperial Army working side-by-side with Hitler's high command.

In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, the world is foreign yet familiar. Americans have by now accepted their new way of life in a military state. German language has come to the forefront, the press, media, and other format's of entertainment have become driven by pure propaganda. In one instance, I will find that an editor-in-chief has been hung for his anti-Nazi slander. Under the Reich there are no half measures.

[Credits: Bethesda]
[Credits: Bethesda]

However, the question of how we got to this point remains. The reality is that it almost happened in real life. Had Germany and Japan's two-pronged assault on the USSR happened Stalin would have likely fallen due to his forces being spread thin. While his men were well equipped, it's a harsh reality knowing that the Germans had mastered and perfected the art form of mechanical engineering. Unlike in Wolfenstein, however, they weren't able to capitalize on super soldier experimentation and fierce mechanical hounds.

Instead, the Germans saw their prowess come in the form of multiple types of armored vehicles. While in reality they never produced the nuclear bomb, Wolfenstein takes a much different approach. Hitler's armies were able to build a multitude of fantastical creations, including an atomic bomb which would detonate in New York City in 1948.

Their powerful armies were well equipped with sophisticated, yet improbable means of mechanical engineering. While these fantastical creations remain fiction, Germany was fast, furious, and unstoppable at the height of their military power.

'Liesel' the Panzerhund. [Credits: Bethesda]
'Liesel' the Panzerhund. [Credits: Bethesda]

Their military tacticians knew exactly what was needed in order to win the war. In alternate reality, the American's would never join the war, and Germany would claim key victories throughout Europe by 1945. While exhausted for troops due to heavy casualties in these key victories, both the Japanese and Germans would see enemy forces surrender against their combined military might. Just as portrayed in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

For the German war machine to finish their advances, they begin to set their eyes upon Africa in 1960. With only a few small factions of resistance left, Hitler and his generals lock down their few remaining weak points.

In the game, it wouldn't be difficult to imagine that the reality that the characters face could have been our future, a future that the Germans almost sealed, indeed would have had Japan followed through with their part of the assault on Russia in 1941.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be releasing on October 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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