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The world first heroic kill in Destiny's latest raid, Wrath of the Machine, was within striking distance for Team Redeem. They had already completed the world first on normal in an impressive 2 hours. Now they were set to grab the double title by also being the first to finish heroic mode... Until they suddenly wiped.

Player Modern Tryhard was streaming Team Redeem's race and ran a little too far ahead of his teammates, crossing an invisible line. A known bug, the game then thought they were cheating and forced a wipe, respawning them at the beginning of the encounter. You can watch the unfortunate moment of truth at the 24 minute mark of their video.

This forced them to complete the fight a second time. Unfortunately, the extra 6 minutes from repeating the encounter caused them to fall back to third place. Had the bug not occurred, you can see they would have finished 2 minutes before the official first place team.

Team Redeem took it all in amazing good stride though, wishing the first and second place teams well in their kill video description despite the disappointing loss.

"This was our first run throughout the WoTM Hard Mode, GGs to Clan Die Busfahrer aka The Bus Drivers for Getting Worlds First Hard Mode WoTM and we got Worlds Third, behind The Legend Himself."

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