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World of Final Fantasy is launching October 25, but you'll be able to play the demo a week early on October 17.

World of Final Fantasy is a roleplaying game, harking back to earlier Final Fantasy incarnations with turn-based battles and Active Time Battle system. It's more of a spinoff of the main Final Fantasy series, aimed at a younger audience and intended to be lighter in both story and animation with its chibi stylized graphics.

The story features the twins, Lann and Reynn, who travel to Grymoire to regain their memories after waking up with amnesia. Along the way they also find their power to capture and control the monsters of the world, Mirages. Missions will offer cameos of fan favorites like Cloud, Squall, and Lightning from earlier Final Fantasy games.

If you complete the demo, you'll get Magitek Armor P when the game launches. Pre-ordering the game gets you a Sephiroth summon, White Chocobo, Glow Moogle, Red Bonnetberry, and Japanese voice-over DLC.

World of Final Fantasy will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 25. The standard game is $59.99, and the Collector's Edition is available for $119.99. The Vita edition is $39.99.

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