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Even though Ratchet & Clank had a successful return to the halls of , when the heroic Lombax and his robotic buddy came to the earlier in the year, I think it's safe to say the movie based on the game that was itself based on the original series of games, didn't fare as well.

Ratchet & Clank Is One Of the Worst Performing Movies of 2016

According to Forbes, who took it upon themselves to create a list of the biggest cinematic flops of 2016, sits soundly in fifth place, smushed in between Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Keeping Up With The Joneses, after making a measly $11.8m at the box-office.

Here's the full list so you can regret being one of the few people to have actually paid money to see one of these.

  • 10. Masterminds (Box-Office: $22m | Budget: $25m)
  • 9. Snowden (Box-Office: $34.3m | Budget: $40m)
  • 8. Grimsby (Box-Office: $28.7m | Budget: $35m)
  • 7. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Box-Office: $24.9m | Budget: $35m
  • 6. Keeping Up with the Joneses (Box-Office: $26.9m | Budget: $40m)
  • 5. Ratchet & Clank (Box-Office: $11.8m | Budget: $20m)
  • 4. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Box-Office: $16.4m | Budget: $28m)
  • 3. Popstar: Never Stop Stopping (Box-Office: $9.5m | Budget: $20m)
  • 2. Free State of Jones (Box-Office: $23.2m | Budget: $50m)
  • 1. Max Steel (Box-Office: $4.4m | Budget: $10m)

That's pretty embarrassing considering the movie, that I'd forgotten had released this year, made an astonishing $349m at the box-office. That makes it the second best performing video game movie of all time behind : The Beginning's $433m.

But if those two movies are listed as the best performers, which are the worst?

Top Ten Worst Performing Video Game Movies

Ratchet and Clank has some illustrious company in the top ten worst video game movies to release. Have you seen any of them?

10. 'In the Name of the King'

A man named Farmer sets out to rescue his kidnapped wife and avenge the death of his son -- two acts committed by the Krugs, a race of animal-warriors who are controlled by the evil Gallian.

Jason "The Stath" Statham stars in this Uwe Boll adaptation based on the Dungeon Siege video game series. Possibly my favorite movie on the list, this gem made a terrible $13m from a budget of $60m!

9. 'Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li'

When a teenager, Chun-Li witnesses the kidnapping of her father by wealthy crime lord M. Bison. When she grows up, she goes into a quest for vengeance and becomes the famous crime-fighter of the Street Fighter universe.

A legend that possibly should have stayed as one, everyone's fourth favorite Street Fighter combatant's origin story bombed at the box-office, recouping just $12m from a budget of $50m.

8. 'Ratchet & Clank'

When the galaxy comes under the threat of a nefarious space captain, a mechanic and his newfound robot ally join an elite squad of combatants to save the universe.

The synopsis reads simple enough. Perhaps too simple for cinema-goers tired of animations quipping.

7. 'Wing Commander'

Blair, a fighter pilot, joins an interstellar war to fight the evil Kilrathi who are trying to destroy the universe.

A 90s sci-fi caper starring Freddie Prinze Jr., that flopped? How did things manage to go so wrong for ? The movie was made on a budget of $30m, and only managed to make $11m.

6. 'Alone In The Dark'

Christian Slater in 'Alone in the Dark'
Christian Slater in 'Alone in the Dark'

Based on the video game, Alone in the Dark focuses on Edward Carnby, a detective of the paranormal, who slowly unravels mysterious events with deadly results.

Not even Christian Slater could save this Uwe Boll adaptation, after it made a surprisingly impressive $10m from a budget of $20m.

5. 'DOA: Dead or Alive'

A number of fighters are invited to DOA "Dead or Alive", an invitational martial arts contest. The four female fighters begin as rivals, but work together to uncover the secret that Donovan, the organizer of the tournament, is trying to hide.

Cause we all know cinematic adaptations of fighting games work super well at the box-office, DOA: Dead or Alive managed to make $7m off a budget of $21m.

4. 'BloodRayne'

In the 18th century, a vampire escapes from the freak show she once participated in and teams up with a group of vampire slayers to kill the man who raped her mother.

Another Uwe Boll production, BloodRayne cost $25m to make but only managed to recoup $3m at the box-office.

3. 'Far Cry'

An ex-special forces soldier turned boatman is hired by a journalist to investigate a top-secret military base on a nearby island.

Another horrific adaptation to come from the mind of recently retired director and dreamweaver Uwe Boll, Far Cry was made with a budget of $30m, but only managed to scrape $743,634 at the box-office.

2. 'Double Dragon'

Two brothers have half of a powerful ancient Chinese talisman. An evil gang leader has the other half, and determines to get the brothers' half and have a complete medallion so he can gain absolute power.

Somehow as bad as the adaptation of Street Fighter, but with none of its charm whatsoever, is quintessentially 90s trash that made $2m at the box-office off a budget of $7m.

1. 'Postal'

In the ironically named city of Paradise, a recently laid-off loser teams up with his cult-leading uncle to steal a peculiar bounty of riches from their local amusement park; somehow, the recently arrived Taliban have a similar focus, but a far more sinister intent.

With a budget of $15m, somehow this gem of a title managed to recoup $146,741. Worldwide.

You would think that after over 20 years since the Super Mario Bros. movie was destroyed by critics and cinemagoers that Hollywood would have halted ruining our favorite movies on the big screen. Unfortunately not, it seems there is still scope.

So, here's looking at you, . Are you going to be the video game adaptation to break the duck?

What do you think?


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