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After months of anticipation, 2K Sports has finally revealed the identity of their new cover star in the brand new trailer for — and what a fiery trailer it is! Much like their Suplex City trailer for last year's installment, this one also has an epic movie-like vibe to it, and features cameo appearances from many iconic WWE staples.

But amidst all that, the spotlight is firmly placed on the masked individual who enters the WWE archives and unleashes hell. Check out the trailer below:

A Cover Worthy Of A King Slayer

While the trailer features appearances from an Andre the Giant statue, Mankind's mask, Triple H's skull-helmet and the Undertaker's hat, coat, gloves and casket, undoubtedly the biggest talking point was the confirmation that the man who demolished all of these beloved items — Seth Rollins — would be gracing the cover of WWE 2K18

Seth Rollins on the cover of 'WWE 2K18'. [Credit: 2K Sports]
Seth Rollins on the cover of 'WWE 2K18'. [Credit: 2K Sports]

WWE's resident King Slayer joins the likes of Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, Randy Orton, the Undertaker, Triple H and so many others who have appeared on the covers of previous WWE Games. But unlike Rollins, most of those greats had already established long careers when covering their respective video games. The fact that the Architect is gracing the WWE 2K18 cover all by himself just highlights the amount of faith that WWE have in the young superstar.

As well as the cover announcement, it was also revealed that the game would be released on October 17th for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Moreover, there will also be a deluxe and collector's edition of the game, both of which will grant players access to the game on October 13 — four days prior to its mainstream release. The deluxe edition will include the season pass and bonus digital content while details for the collector's edition have yet to be announced.

With two world Championships under his belt, Seth Rollins is one of the biggest WWE superstars at the moment. And his appearance on the WWE 2K18 cover just proves that "The Man" isn't going anywhere any time soon.

What did you think of the epic WWE 2K18 trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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