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The X-Men are an integral part of the Marvel mythology and fans aren’t going to forget them anytime soon, despite Capcom's best efforts. The Marvel Vs. Capcom franchise has always included the X-Men in their fighting game rosters. So why aren't the mutants returning in the latest installment, ?

Gamespot recently interviewed Producers Peter Rosas and Michael Evans, and they were reluctantly vocal about their opinion on the X-Men in the fighting game franchise, stating:

We talked with Marvel very closely about their future roadmap, about what's gonna be happening. Your modern Marvel fan, maybe they don't even remember some of the X-Men characters, but they know some of the Guardians characters or Black Panther.

X-Men characters and its lore should never be ignored when it comes to defining Marvel. Legendary icons like Wolverine, Magneto, and Deadpool are major players in the MVC series. With the critical and financial success of Logan and Deadpool fresh in our minds, why would self-proclaimed fans like Peter Rosas and Michael Evans claim that the mutants are easily forgotten?

Is The Success Of The MCU To Blame?

The success of the MCU comes at a cost. Marvel Studios has brought in millions of new fans because of their cinematic universe, and MVC: Infinite seems to be turning into a a marketing tool. Leaving the X-Men in the dust makes sense from a business standpoint, since they’re owned by Fox. The producers stated that they took inspiration from the MCU and from the comics. They mention Captain Marvel being a great fit for their original story:

Captain Marvel may seem like a strange pick, but she's fantastic. She fits the gameplay. She fits the story, and they're gonna be really pushing her as a strong female lead all the way up into the movie.

Captain Marvel may seem like a strange choice, but she's about to debut into the MCU. What the producers failed to mention is how the X-Men are important to most Marvel storylines, and including them makes sense in a crossover game. Their statements and decisions are basically a marketing strategy to pull fans away from Fox’s Marvel and toward Disney.

It’s Not About Functionality, It’s About The Characters And The Story

MVC is all about the characters. It’s all about the roster. The plethora of fun characters and depth is what makes the games so fun. What we look for in a game, first and foremost, is story and character. Functionality comes second because every game has it. The producers’ approach to MVC: Infinite is the opposite, stating:

If you were to think about it, these characters are just functions. They're just doing things. Magneto, case and point, is a favorite because he has eight-way dash and he's really fast, right? So, our more technical players, all they want to do is triangle jump and that kind of stuff. Well guess what, Nova can do the same thing, Captain Marvel can do the same thing. Ultron can do the same thing. Go ahead and try them out.

What they’re basically saying is that characters are interchangeable. That’s why they chose functionality over character first, and it’s completely wrong. MVC: Infinite could very well be a fighting game with stick figures.

Video games in general begin with character and story. So, Magneto, who is an X-Men villain, is easily replaceable by either Nova, Captain Marvel, or Ultron, who are all characters from the MCU. Functionality is always going to be there, but character defines the quality of the game. Taking Ken out of Street Fighter or Sub-Zero out of Mortal Kombat destroys the legacy of the franchise, and MVC: Infinite is looking very bland without its mutants.

It’s Not Too Late To Add The X-Men Into MVC: Infinite

MVC: Infinite isn’t due until September, so there is time to add X-Men characters to the roster. Previous games in the franchise never prioritized Marvel characters based on which company owned which property. They always treated Marvel characters as if they were all under one roof, just like the comics.

The X-Men will never be forgotten, and it’s not because of the movies. How can we forget about characters like Wolverine, Phoenix, or Gambit? I can go on. How can we forget about their stories like the Phoenix Saga or the Age of Apocalypse?

What do you think of the X-Men missing out on Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite? Let me know in the comment section below.

(Source: Gamespot)


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