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Congratulations gamers, now you can get a deodorant made specifically for you.

Plus Five "the ultimate gaming deodorant" is currently on Kickstarter and marketing itself as a deodorant for happy moments like "Epic Wins." It claims to take care of the "eustress" created from the excitement of gaming, making your gaming sessions an overall more pleasant experience for you. The featured fragrance is called Charisma and is apparently "sexy" smelling, though what "sexy" smells like remains to be seen.

The campaign is still early, and there are only around 30 backers right now for almost $500 out of the $25,000 goal (which is needed to make 10,000 units). There are also stretch goals up to $205,000 that will unlock a decal and additional fragrances to choose from: named Wisdom, Vitality, and Dexterity.

No word on what scents the other fragrances will have. Maybe they'll smell like L337.

The gamer deodorant clearly a sort of novelty item. It adds a bit of fun pizazz to a daily staple that most people don't give a second thought to. The ad is as cheesy as you would expect, because it's hard to seriously market a deodorant just for gamers.

The deodorant seems to be more of a PSA in general rather than something that has any noticeable effect for gamers in particular. Combined with the note to comic book store owners about marketing opportunities, this speaks to awareness of hygiene rather than an actual product need.

Gamers can tend to have a stereotype, especially at larger gatherings. Even celebrities aren't immune to the occasional smelly faux pas.

This is far from the strangest thing we've seen on Kickstarter, however, but it is currently one of the more unique items lately. Not many people would expect such a generic product developed for a specific group of people without any noticeable effect that differentiates it.

But don't worry, it's not just for male gamers. There's even a version for the ladies.

What kind of novelty gamer products would you buy?


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