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There have been rumors here and there about a playable pigeon mission or mode in Battlefield 1 for a while. Details were sketchy, sounding a little too far-fetched and humorous to be plausible in a war game.

Now we have confirmation of its existence and actual footage. The full mini-mission is at the bottom of this post.

The pigeon appears in the mission Through Mud and Blood. Your crew is overrun by the enemy and you must get a message back to HQ. Using a pigeon, you send off coordinates for an artillery strike to take out the enemy... and yourself. You then play as the pigeon, flying through floating rings to complete the objective and deliver the suicide strike.

This mission happens to be one of the two missions included in today's Play First Trial for EA Access and Origin Access members (the other mission being Storm of Steel). If you want to get a chance to play as a pigeon before the game officially releases, you can head over there and sign up to play today or wait until October 18 if you pre-ordered the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition. Everyone else can experience soaring through the skies when the game launches on October 21.

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