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There are a lot of awesome nerdy costumes to wear on Halloween. For Pokémon, costumes involve body suits or humanoid versions of some of our favorites, but one YouTube user's costume went the extra mile.

YouTube user mattcyborgelt constructed a fully functioning Pokémon GO costume. It allows you to both swipe a Pokéstop and then catch a Pikachu by throwing one of your newly acquired Pokéballs at the "screen."

I think its the subtle touches that push this over the top, like the LTE symbol, location services, android controls, and Tinder flame icon in the top left. Let's hope he's also getting in some playtime during Halloween since the event is still going on.

You can also check out some of mattcyborgelt's other creations, including a Tinder profile costume and a DIY coffee table cut into the shape of a 3DS.

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