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Warning: If you are in the market for a Nintendo Switch, look away now. This video contains scenes of a gratuitous nature and aggression against the wonderful little box.

Back in 2006, prior to the Wii's release, Nintendo's late and great president Satoru Iwata relayed to an enraptured crowd the importance of the beauty and durability of a games console. "If a kid puts a game console in the basket of their bicycle, then has to make a sudden stop, the console can come flying out - and it's not going to land on carpet." That's a valid point, yeah!

So Iwata-san tasked Nintendo's hardware design team to place the brains of the within casing so sturdy, it could withstand the force of a drop from about 1.5m. Naturally the design team weren't too thrilled at the prospect, but they did it and now the Wii is as sturdy as heck.

ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH?! [Credit: Nintendo]
ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH?! [Credit: Nintendo]

But what about the Switch? Has Iwata's legacy travelled over to Nintendo's new hybrid console that you can, ostensibly, game anywhere with? How much of a beating can a device with a touchscreen, a flimsy stand and two controllers — that pop off pretty easily in my experience — withstand?

Quite a fair amount, guys. Like... a lot.

Nintendo Switch Can Survive A Drop of 1,000 ft

Yes, you read right. YouTuber UnlockRiver recently put the Switch to the ultimate test by attaching it to a drone and ferrying the console 1,000 feet (300m) into the air. Then, as painful as it was to watch, the Switch was dropped back to the earth from whence it came.

Phwoar, I want that drone
Phwoar, I want that drone

The results are pretty interesting. But it still leaves me thinking, if a Switch can survive that kind of drop, how do they end up bending in docks? Let's hold off on the graphs and diagrams with that particular shower thought and have a look at the thing being dropped from a great height.

It survived man. The Switch, or this particular Switch can survive a drop of one thousand feet with only one Joy-Con being totaled. The screen was intact and it booted up to the home screen! How sensational is that? Now only if it could manage to show me some Netflix, then we'd be laughing.

I still feel for all of you gamers out there who want a Switch but can't get one for love nor money. Here you are trying to snatch one into your possession whilst YouTubers are raining them down from the sky to see if they break. What a world, eh?


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