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The world might be getting more portable Zelda games in the future. Great news, as nothing can make the morning commute or traveling in general as tolerable as a bit of Zelda on the go! Breath of the Wild was king enough to reveal that to us.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is working on a new, yet to be unveiled Zelda project tailored for smartphones. At the moment, we don't know whether it's a new, standalone mobile game or a port of one of the classic Zelda games — though on your smartphone seems quite unlikely.

Zelda Coming To Your Phone, After Animal Crossing

The new game is set to release after the smartphone port of another, popular Nintendo game, Animal Crossing. Nintendo have been wonderfully vague regarding the release date for this highly anticipated port. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, we'll see those little guys on our phones in the second half of 2017. Also vague, but still!

All of this means that we will probably see mobile Zelda release in 2018, depending on how big the game is. And — given how it's limited by coming out on a rather simple platform like a smartphone — we don't expect development to take too long. At least we hope it won't. It really depends on the kind of game we're talking here! Perhaps it's the original?

More Nintendo For You On The Road

Nintendo, the creator of the grandfather of everything, is getting in on smartphone games.
Nintendo, the creator of the grandfather of everything, is getting in on smartphone games.

Nintendo is currently looking to expand their efforts and general presence on mobile devices after years of focusing on games for its own, static hardware (except for those handheld devices, obvs). The release of their very own portable console, the Nintendo Switch, was the first step, and the company is taking things further by porting a ton of their classic games to smartphones, tablets and whatnot.

We've already seen versions of Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario and Miitomo for smartphones, and, according to The Wall Street Journal again, a Pokémon-themed, digital CCG (collectible card game) might also be on its way.

Awesome news really. Soon, we'll have access to all the iconic games from our smartphones, making it easy for us to jump between the company's many worlds and characters. And if there's one thing that could get me out of my crippling Hearthstone addiction, it would be a digital Pokémon card game. Go, Charizard!

What Nintendo game would you like to see ported to smartphones?

(Source: Wall Street Journal)


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