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A talented group of parkour stunt actors have created one of the most terrifying live action video game trailers ever. YouTube channel, Ampisound, who you may remember also created that jaw dropping POV trailer for Dying Light last year, are back with another parkour inspired zombified fright fest.

The trailer follows two characters as they search for a missing member of their team. Things quickly get out of hand as zombies surround the survivors. Watch as we experience the action from the point of view of one of the survivors as it suddenly becomes a question of fight or flight.

POV Live Action Zombie Trailer Is Terrifying

Flight seems to be the appropriate course of action as the two survivors make their way through the abandoned building whilst being chased by ravenous zombies. The kicker here though is that the zombies, too, are able to free run just as well as our two survivors.

This unforgiving element of undead equality sure ramps up the tension. As the adrenaline gets pumping you'll find yourself grimacing and grinding your teeth as things get ludicrously tense. Watch as we duck, dive and leap out of the unrelenting path of undead. It is Dying Light on crack, World War Z on steroids – sit back and marvel at this epic creation.

The game that this brilliant POV short represents is called, Last Empire Z. This free to play mobile game allows players to build and develop their empire. Fight alone or join global alliances in this new post-apocalyptic game.

It reminds me of that equally brilliant 7 Days to Die trailer.

What do you make of this POV trailer?


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