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The Sims has long since provided players with a playground of endless opportunity, allowing them to cultivate their own small patch of domestic bliss - be it through furthering their hard-working Sims careers, helping them master an instrument, or even finding them a perfect soul-mate before basking in the beauty of new life through their pixel procreation. OR NOT, as it turns out.

Let the Sims Pay For Your Sins

Some downright sadistic folks out there have been busy instead creating some disturbing yet hilarious scenarios for their Sims that would shock even the most cold-hearted of serial killers. The players who conceived these horror houses should probably be put on some kind of government watch list, but there's no denying their outlandish creativity - just make sure you don't get caught in the act!

With that said, I've rounded up the most inventive, insane, and screwed up plots players have hatched to carry out their brutal Sim-massacres. I can only applaud these players for their dastardly genius!

WARNING: It gets pretty dark from here on out...

Case 1: Dead in the Water (The Sims 4)

By the fourth game those dastardly Sims had figured out new ways to survive your sociopathic tendencies. The classic remove-the-pool-ladder trick that had been the end of countless Sims the world over no longer worked, as those resourceful death-dodgers had now learned to climb out! Drat. But no fear, maniacal mastermind Yannick LeJacq wasn't going to let that stop him from knocking off a small family...

Meet the Joneses. While they were busy frolicking in their brand new pool, Yannick was busy building walls around them, shutting off their only escape route.

Fred, Daisy and their child Rose are now completely sealed in, and it looks like the rest of their relatives have gotten bored and wandered off. Family unity, huh?


Darkness falls and the threesome start to lose all energy from treading water. It's an endurance game, and Yannick has all the patience in the world. Waiting at his keyboard for over an hour, he watches his victims slowly exhaust themselves.

Tragedy strikes! Fred and Daisy drift lifelessly to the icy depths and all Rose can do is watch - oh, and cry. Where's DiCaprio and his door when you need him?!

Shortly after, Rose gives up too and Yannick's underwater tomb is complete. Meanwhile, Death joins one of the survivors for a poolside drink to celebrate a job well done. Lovely.

Case 2: A Family Divided (The Sims 3)

Here are Zach Parsons' bizarre creations - Duke (left) and Fifa (right). Happily married, they share a quiet suburban home with their newborn, Meatbaby. It gets weirder...

Attack of the Gnomes!

The dastardly Zach taunts the couple's babysitter by building a small army of garden gnomes, blocking her path to the screaming child in need.

Duke returns home and has no choice but to stomp his way through the sinister dwarf hordes. The determined Zach is forced to change tactics and deletes all entrances to the house while mom Fifa is at work.

Pure Cruelty

Fifa stands helplessly outside as she misses her daughter's first birthday party, and Zach makes sure she can see it all by installing glass walls. Now that's just sick.

Meatbaby is just old enough to witness her mom crawl into a ball and die outside. Heartbreaking stuff, but points for drama.

Case 3: The Torture Chambers (The Sims 3)

Youtube user Tezla55 went to impressively sadistic lengths in order to traumatize two Sim best friends to death. His heavily Saw-inspired house of hell, pictured above, features multiple rooms devised by Tezla to inflict maximum physical and emotional pain upon his digital victims - In Suburbia, no one can hear you scream.

Burn Baby Burn

In the first - appropriately named - 'Burning Room' Tezla offers his sleep deprived Sim a number of chairs to relax on, all of them on fire.

After escaping, the Sim finds a second room - also, mercilessly, full of fire. Hey, at least he's wearing that protective bike helmet. Unfortunately it doesn't help much and he shortly succumbs to the blaze. But this is where things get really horrific.

Relentless Abuse

Tezla iterates the brotherly bond between this pair with a moving black and white tribute video. After killing one, he moves on to the now grieving other who has been placed in 'The Reflection Room':

Driven crazy by grief and the inescapable mirrored walls, he furiously begins...mixing food?! All the while shouting about his friend's recent death.

As if he hadn't suffered enough, Tezla then strips the Sim down and locks him in the 'Public Humiliation Room,' where he's forced to defecate publicly in front of the whole neighborhood. All that before finally burning him alive. So yeah...that's a pretty dark mind you've got there Tez.

And For The Grand Finale...

This one truly takes the cake for the most messed up thing I have ever seen done in The Sims...or pretty much in any game ever, for that matter! If you have a weak stomach, or any kind of moral compass, look away now.

Doesn't it just warm your heart to see this happy couple embark on a wonderful new chapter in their lives? I'm sure this player has nothing at all sinister in mind for them.

But wait! The groom gets cold feet at the altar and hot foots it back to bachelorhood. Well, at least she isn't pregnant.


The new child serves only to remind her of her tragic abandonment. There's only one thing to do...

Yep. And If You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

The baby cannibalism is complete, and I think I'm officially mentally scarred.

To witness the monstrosity in full, click here.


If there's one thing we've learnt, it's that Sim-land can be a much darker place than it appears - although I think these brutal killings tell us a lot more about the minds of us players, and the undeniably sadistic side of human nature. I must admit that my morbid curiosity always got the better of me, and after getting bored with increasing my cooking skills or socializing with fellow Sims, I more often than not turned to the joys of walling characters off in isolation booths to watch them perish in their pee-soaked standing coffins. Perhaps there's a small killer instinct in all of us.

Tell us about your favorite, most ingenious ways to kill off your Sims!


Do you ever indulge your more sadistic Sim whims?


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